Sleep Paralysis

I keep waking up with hypnagogic hallucinations. It’s a guy who says his name is Jonathan and he’s trying to resuscitate and stabilize me. I’ve always wished I could let go and fly into a lucid dream like this. I’d do a backflip into wherever he is if I could. Sure isn’t much I have left for me or want to wake up to here. Something about, what we can or can’t see is either ✡️ or πŸ”― , 2 sets of 3 inductions or 2 sets of 3 deductions or a 12 point star representing 24 actual dimensions or 22 usable dimensions. I believe I know which two I’m tied to. This one, they’d probably incinerate at will given the chance but I get the sense someone screwed up here and that we’re closer to the hypervisor than they are.  Things are not 1’s and 0’s or black and white, they did not programmatically account for gates. Your life is inductive or deductive and that determines whether you stay here or go off to infinity.
Fun fact: Mexico will pay you 5,000 pesos a month to plant trees on your land. My dickhead HOA will send ladies over with tape measures and fine you and sicc letters on you from attorneys bitching about your unapproved trees and plants. I don’t know. I sat there in the front yard with my coffee and hand watered the plants. I looked at it and emailed them to tell them to fuck off , that my yard was pretty cool , unlike any other on the street , and that I’m glad their reign of tyranny would be over soon. I’m glad I have an offer on the place. Otherwise I’d have a half a mind to do something with one of those gawd damn trees that would make my mother, if not the trees ancestors, very proud of me. I don’t get these yapping hysterical yuppie dickheads who find any signs of life, inside or outside of your home, so offensive but they can stick my trees up their pinched and pained asses sideways. I’m just like oh my god , get me somewhere out in the woods or cactuses where I can plant and ten
Legalize History

It only takes one person …

To throw a sledgehammer through the screen ..

Third Generation Inflammation War

The cells in your body are living organisms that need zinc to function, reproduce, or repair themselves. Inside of your blood vessels, Cd4 (tcells) work with macrophages to say “ hey, you see that fucking thing? dissolve it in acid. ” They form an envelope around it, they dissolve it in acid, and they get rid of anything that doesn’t belong there. Macrophages also squeeze their way outside of your blood vessels and travel, like medics, to nearby cells crying out (“communicating,” “signaling” if you like) for help. They attack infections, and they help the other cells heal themselves. The mitochondria in your cells and skeletal muscle need to be healthy , to breathe; and metabolize/produce energy for any of that to work right. They require zinc and zinc transport for this; and chronic musculoskeletal pain is probably a deficiency or disease process that the entire establishment just ignores in patients and barely does anything meaningful to diagnose or treat. Maybe today they’ll give

Fuckin Macrophages , how do they work?

Rather than focusing on inducing apoptosis and killing the cells, what about trying to put them on life support? What would you send after those single stranded RNA proteins to mop them up while you’re using an entry / fusion inhibitor like ivermectin ? Macrophages. Which can, but not necessarily express cd8 : Update: ivermectin is an N1 nuclear import inhibitor “Vpr also plays an important role in another property of HIV-1 that is unusual for a retrovirus –  its ability to enter the nucleus of a nondividing cell.” Aka “nuclear import.” ^ versus protease inhibitors that allow the virus to enter the nucleus of a cell (N1 nuclear import)    The problem with allowing cell infection with this particular virus , vpr1/hiv  ,  is these (cd4) cells once infected CANNOT undergo mitosis and make healthy uninfected copies of themselves.  Protease inhibitors may stop replication of the “vi

Synarchy explained in one sentence:

Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. We are nothing without the sum of all of our parts.

What would you do with a spleen if you had one ?

So if 23 micrograms* of the lipids go to your spleen, * correction: I re-read this wondering about the distribution for testes and ovaries  Tell me what happens … To people who have had a spleenectomy ? Where do the lipids end up then ? Your liver right? Why isn’t the liver even on this list? And if your liver is impaired by alcoholism or idk, busy with protease inhibitors or the quarter gallon of corn syrup I chugged for breakfast* or some OTHER equally catastrophic medical issue? Then where? * they SAID, “be more woke.” How many of the patients who have had that thing that you pretend doesn’t happen to them, have had a splenectomy?  Hey if you have a … medicine … that your body is immediately singing the “oh no no no” song  to … to at least 23-30% of its constituent components. You need to stop whatever you are doing and ask why: >  Living without a spleen. If your spleen needs to be removed, other organs, such as  the liver , can take over many of the spleen's functions. Thi

Serious question -

Who honestly thinks they’re going to win the “right to repair” their Apple device or John Deere tractor- When you don’t even have the “right to repair” yourself in America? “We’re going to chop off part of your dick and install an ancient trauma in you before you even have your first conscious memory, and then things are only going to get worse from there; but NO you can’t have benzos you drug seeking loser.” “Oh no, sorry nothing we can do. Run along home and die now.” I’m just saying… that despite what everyone ever said for my entire life ... their society and way of life is having its final descent into madness long before I am. If you do not have the “right” — and I use that word very sarcastically here — the right to repair your phone or your tractor or your body without obtaining someone’s “permission” or paying a fee then you are a slave to commerce.

It’s time for the..

  So you know how a drip percolator works, right? The earth kind of works the same way.  Except, turn it upside down and you’ll have the “brewed coffee” as the atmosphere and the ground coffee as the earth.  One of the reasons I’m opposed to massive dams , is their effect on the local ecology: I can get people to agree with me that they attract rains, storms, etc to the site of the dam. The part they’re not generally seeing, is that by diverting moisture from rivers, streams etc and ecologically dependent communities further downstream ; they are denying them precipitation and conditions that would cause them to have rain; had they not had their natural water supply diverted or reduced. Even something as small as a desert oasis can provide enough moisture for other plants to thrive. Let alone a river or a stream that has been reduced to a trickle. The earth needs its rivers and streams to .. percolate .. cleanse itself .. and maintain its PH. What do you get in the percolator if you le

The Frostitute

On a tangential and/or more personal note if you ever wondered why I never wifed the Russian . It’s because he knew my status but told me he was negative and he laid all that baggage and fetishization about my “poz load” and all his anxieties about getting the bug at my feet. Fast forward past a bit of hanging out and catching up and reminiscing and all that, and … His car was leaking exhaust into the passenger compartment and I was taking a look at it. He said he had a shop estimate and handed it to me. I unfolded it, read it, handed it back to him and said “this isn’t a shop estimate, this is your CD4 and viral load results from the aids resource center.” And off I disappeared into the snow. Silently… quietly take my things and go … We’ve never talked since. And even though he’s a crazy idiot I loved that boy about as much as I suppose I’m going to dare to love anyone again. Idk I met him two years coming off of Fred and was still completely wrecked, and he didn’t want a boyfriend


The stock market’s been insolvent since the end of 2019. Half the money Nasty Nancy and her cronies have stolen from what’s left of the treasury’s piggy bank — oh and there ain’t much left — was probably invested in Evergrande or Blackrock. 🍿🍿🍿🍿 Still think you’re getting reparations or UBI? Cause we’re out of money - but we still have a billion dollars for their cronies , or a billion dollars for other countries that are already insanely wealthy. And $0 for you.

Western Blot - Move over experts, it’s amateur night.

This one isn’t my idea or doing, just elsewhere off of the Chans. You might be interested in knowing that sometimes “GP160” is actually = GP41 + GP120. And what is GP160? 1-5 bands of difference in either direction could be the difference between a “differential diagnosis” for lymes disease or HIV on a western blot. Some blots may be present in some patients, but not others. Usually p24 and/or p41 are the ones that get attention for suspected HIV, but 120/160 as well. Some may be “weakly reactive” or not present at all as shown in tests #1 and 2 below. But again a “band” can be the sum of two other reactive bands; ie gp160 = gp40 + gp120. gp160 , or thereabouts could be hanging out there all by itself.  sv40, is idk, 80 or 90-something and can be present by itself, or damn near all by itself.  Both are interesting to me. I’m not 100% convinced that some of this shit means what they think it means. The Chagas idea is interesting, it’s not where I went with this “but okay,” I say this fa


I don’t know what to tell you, this isn’t a veterinary product or a pumpkin spice flavored paste, this is an over the counter tablet from Mexico , approved for human consumption. I am taking this with another anti parasitic product , and I decline to name either for now because this post does not constitute medical advice and I’ll probably get spanked for that. What I can tell you is , after a month I can walk a few miles , or hours , for someone with HIV, a supposedly bad heart, and or “long haul covid.”  I’ve had fluctuating symptoms for years and who the fuck knows what tomorrow will be like but, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how weak and or in pain I usually am about 3/4 of the time. I’m not sure what the United States ‘ problem is but “healthcare is a human right” my ass.  I can walk into a pharmacy here and get this shit without a prescription , or insurance , or a doctor and you should be asking why they’re so desperate to not let YOU have it AT ANY PRICE even with a prescr

The Seesaw

Whenever you’re working with a black or white, all or nothing, “one or zero” ,  argument that the machinery has turned us against each other over- Such as: Dumbocrats v Rethuglicans Hillary v. Trump  (or , face it, any of the rigged contests) Vaccines v. Antivaxxers And you’ve been told you must choose one or the other, That there is no “third option.” If you don’t _______ then you are a _______. If you support ______ then you ________. If lesser mortals are brainwashed into scapegoating you or telling you that you deserve to die, be beaten, or lose your livelihood, or suffer if you make the “wrong” choice then know this: When faced with such a purity test, given “two” options: They are both probably the wrong answer. The machines that explore potentials and possibilities and so called forecasting “timelines” ( I doubt that’s even a thing, as it conflicts with my belief that time itself is non existent , let’s say it’s just a calculation of suspected outcomes when fed two choices, this

America the .. mostly Horrible

America broke every promise it has ever made, whether to its own people in its constitution or its bill of rights , or in its treaties with Mexico, Canada, and/or sovereign nations “tribes” within its own borders.  They don’t like the fact that my ancestors and their descendants have free reign to cross between US and Canada because that pisses all over their little “passport program,” and I do not consent to anyone waiving that or entering an agreement on my behalf.  I am a descendent of Chief No Runner of the Piegan / Piikani bands of what is now the Blackfoot Tribe and I certainly have more blood quantum than the 1/1024 that put Liz Warren through college, life, and a legal and political career that brought her more power and wealth than I will ever know by pretending she’s one of us. My mother was born before that stupid fucking rule, which only exists to dilute our claims , such as those I already mention , as well as those in their treaties with neighboring nations enjoining the

The Twilight Zone

Reunited with my car. Sort of. Someone stole my cargo cover and some of my tools. I barely even got a mile up the road before I got hit with a $2000MXN mordida by the puercos. Dirty fuckers, enjoy my pound of flesh , I won’t spend another cent in your town on so much as gasoline. Gotta say, I never got along with certain “anarchists” because I’m into the principle of non aggression and while we fundamentally agree on PROBLEMS there are many other ways we aren’t aligned; it’s too bad , we could have been such friends ; yet I find myself angrily mumbling “ACAB, 1 2 1 3” all the way home. Not gonna lie, it’s catchy. I like the “joy joy joy joy joy joy joy” one too. The paths of doing something — or whatever is necessary  (moderate/middle path), doing absolutely nothing (conservatism) , and doing way too much (extremism) are better defined and explained by Muslims of all people. You could say that I’m a moderate, that there are a lot of people who are no longer in my life because they’re

Purple Rain

You were gone from me before I knew it You were standing in the purple rain,  and I blew it. πŸ’” "When there's blood in the sky – red and blue = purple... purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain." -- Prince

Uncomfortable truth

covid was an act of war perpetrated against american citizens — and the world — by a uniformed , commissioned , ranked , service branch of the united states government- to wit, the United States Public Health Service which controls Dr Faucis NIH - they funded and created this monster - as well its its public propaganda arm. the CDC.  DARPA also funds this shit, and they created Facebook aka darpa lifelog. Is it a coincidence that the same people responsible for this bioterrorism are the same people who forbid you from talking about it, flag your posts as misinformation, and/or unperson you for it? Facebook has too much power, to be directly connected to these government perpetrators, while also serving as their ministry of truth And if this kind of bullshit right here isn’t GLOBAL corporate fascism brought to you by billionaire pukes then I don’t fucking know what the fuck is: The one thing you fucking shills will never do, is blame the goblins who created and unleashed this shit... ag

Just what I needed, more vulgarities in my vocabulary

I guess , we’re going to an orange grove. I picked this one because it’s immature just like me and it reminds me of a “wants kids someday” profile on Tinder. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š No idea what I’m here for but I’m old enough and I’ve smoked enough marijuana in my lifetime to not necessarily give a shit who I am or where I am or why I am, etc etc etc etc. Greg says “at least you’re doing something interesting.” Girl if some random Mexicans you don’t know took you out in a field 10 miles out of town with a back hoe and axes and machetes you’d be screaming loooooool My ears pricked up. “A la verga!” They have Tecate.  I chugged one and yelled “a la verga!” and kicked my beer can into the bushes. They are fucking falling down laughing. Almost as fun as yelling “LECHE DE PINGA” and gargling my Tecate for emphasis last night.  She, whom I hate more than I hate AT&T ; but love more than SHE HATES structural and institutional racism ; would be like “go figure the bitch was a class clown in Spanish