Memory Lane has a few Potholes in it

Flowers are red, young man. "A" is to "B" as "B" is to "C." Unless it isn't. There's no need to see genetics any other way than the way they always have been seen.

Fuck your MKUltra Talmudvision

The government is using Cloudflare to facilitate a psyop and control what you see or do not see on my blog and who sees it. I broke it on Twitter. Go search for “barbecue” and take care of those sick fucks.

Given the history here I doubt the big government men are going to come help Me, more than likely they’re purging the MK Ultras , and Alice in wonderland programming victims

Here’s MSNBC flashing illuminati , “hand washing” , colored blocks/rubiks cubes, puzzles, and much more live on broadcast television… channel 18, Lexington Kentucky

Friday at 5pm where they announced to SOME viewers that Trump had killed the Federal Reserve. They used a counterfeit kentucky state seal and have the wrong number of windows on the courthouse, it’s an msnbc sponsored psyop

The anchors eyes are diamond-like slits cause the bitch is gonna die.

clarified november 30th this exploits ancestral memory: snake eyes , its to scare you the way a cat jumps from a cucumber , blocks dissolving in the back (rubiks cube, its suggestive stimuli for breaking through the looking glass or having an NDE. Go back to Ellen DeGeneres’s twitter where she posts creepy shit about puzzles…. puzzles rubiks cubes, jenga games, they use these suggestive stimuli in psych wards to induce certain patients into trances and other altered states, they use the ones that respond positively for false flags. Now you know what happened in Kenosha with someone who just got out of the Nut Hut and died for no god damn good reason than the news cycle.

Here are the two versions of my Twitter page on the Quantum internet. One for the TIs/CIA assets who have been lured into Q, and one for the others. There are probably other “quantum internet” versions.

The matching phrase for the little boy washing his hands at the mirror is “go clean up your room.”

Want to know how I know?

Pizzagate is real, they did it to me when I was 4 or 5 and I escaped.

This is the post they tried to false flag me over:

Tribal genocide wont be a Cruz administration priority

I contacted Ted Cruz two and a half months ago to complain about their willful genocide of my tribe. His office ignored me.

I also contacted Arizona, who also ignored and stonewalled me on multiple issues. Since then I have sold my house, and my defacto last state of residence is Texas. I would say “fuck Arizona, I ain’t paying their salaries” but that’s Dominion’s job.

Since when did Ted have a problem with someone running off to Mexico to escape from their problems? Kek. At least I am not the only constituent he fucked over.

If I wanted to email someone who didnt give a fuck about queers or their concerns and would send a half ass non response months later I would email Hillary Clinton.

Well, fine challenge accepted. I contacted Ilhan Omar and others.

I wonder if Ted encouraged Benjamin Netanyahu to contact his own home state’s representatives instead.

Pretty sad state of affairs when you have to play “are you my mommy?” with your legislature. Tomorrow I will spend $1000 on postage and address every sitting member of US Congress and the Senate, except for Ted “not my problem” Cruz.

Do Bibi and Greta Thunberg have to provide a valid zip code and ZIP+4 that is validated as being in your district when they come and call on your offices?

This is the representation that I have a $10,000 IRS bill for? That is fucked up.

Their FBI terrorized me, smeared me for “guilt by association” and destroyed my life. Can anyone name a single crime involving Joseph Konopka in which I was a suspect or charged?

Or did you maybe, just possibly, destroy my career , reputation, did I maybe lose a house and my car and my freedom, a 3-4 year relationship that was already admittedly strained, and damn near my life .. for your investigative fishing expedition?

So that Toni, instead of merely “hiring a terrorist” could “hire a terrorist” AND commit tax fraud? *slow clap* pom poms out for “morality.”

Dear God, thank you for my life and breath today. If this is not the sledge hammer you meant for me throw through the screen today and it is merely a pebble then thank you for this pebble, bless me with a rock tomorrow and a brick the next.

After 9/11 i specifically warned Konopka “like uh, hey, you know, they are going to start calling vandalism and trespassing or mischief terrorism right?” I said “you can’t just go walking on a train track anymore you’re going to get roughed up booked and fingerprinted.”

He disagreed with me and we never spoke since then. I like the guy, he’s smart and funny and I miss walking around him the way we used to do. I never had a friend before or since that wanted to do that with me, except one boy from Madison who was cool enough to explore the abandoned freight tunnels under Chicago with us.

But it was sort of like all the times I warned Steve over and over again that he had a neon sign over his head that said “arrest me” It is absurd to implicate me in whatever Joe did subsequent to that and served 20+ years in Florence ADX for.

And I am the one who got crucified for “bad judgement” what did I do, besides rearrange some Christmas reindeer to look like they’re fucking and maaaaaaaybe like, one time, we re enacted krystalnacht but I straight up told the cops — under an intense, threatening, weeklong interrogation — that.

Their government slaughtered my ancestors again and again and are at it again. Bush slaughtered 150,000 Iraqis on their way home, who were promised safe passage. For no other fucking reason than “just because.” They think nothing of murdering hundreds of thousands or millions.

But oh no, won’t someone think about the naughty language scribbled on a payphone or the front window of a Hallmark store?

They say if I question their election results I am a terrorist.

Hitler , who was funded by Prescott Bush, did the exact same thing in November 1933 when he “adjudicated” the votes of 3 million who accidentally didn’t vote for Dear Fuhrer in his “landslide unanimous victory” and then persecuted those people for their “clerical error.”

Which, they clearly didn’t mean to make. Because it was a “clerical error,” right?

But if I “name the Bibi” I am a nazi.

They say if I question the vaccine — and I attempted to do so with far better reasoning or so called science than you have proposed — I am a terrorist.

You know what else “changes your DNA just a tiny little bit” ? AIDS and CANCER. Oh no! Dirka Dirka Muhammed Jihad!!!! I said WORDS about HEALTH AND SCIENCE arrest me!

Well you already called me a terrorist when you said on the front page of my hometown newspaper, that I had *GASP* “hung out” with my co worker Joseph Konopka. And when , as I was informed by the Sheriff in Pilot Point, you monitored me as a “drug trafficker” for years and years and years even with no case pending.

What’s the term? “non investigative subject” “do not inform” ? I saw it on the MDT. Don’t even fucking pretend you don’t already do the exact same shit you threaten to do, or that you have not been looking for justification for what you do for 20 years. You are the terrorists.

American Gestapo. And they want a $10,000 gratuity for their service.

Never mind the so called “jihad squad.” If you kill what’s left of my ancestors I will come back to Texas, primary Ted Cruz, and *I* will turn you into an Islamic caliphate.


Ted Cruz is such a loser, that when he started emulating Donald Trump Republicans actually started looking up to him MORE.

On the late and great Ann Fleischli

“They say that history is written by the winners. That means that history is a self-serving version of the past written by the people who created it, trying to rationalize the mistakes that they made. Well, and of course, it also means celebrating the better decisions made by those politicians and rulers. That premise is no longer true, however. History is now made by all of us.

Today, if Columbus strode onto the shores of that island in the Bahamas, he would be greeted by a barrage of flashing cell phone cameras held by the native Arawak Indians. Instantly posted to the internet, the blogs would begin warning that he had taken some prisoners who were wearing gold ornaments in their ears. It is unlikely that he would have repeated that behavior in Cuba and Hispaniola (today’s Haiti and the Dominican Republic), his next stops.”

Wha’ The … a bit of MaDiSon wi history, a dissident/activist’s experiences

In order to defeat a force of nature like Ann, she had given them the blueprints.

Blog culture would be destroyed in favor of the Ministry of Truth, where anonymous censors could make others not see your posts, unperson you, or click a button and disappear you, your readers, your social connections; or ten years of your work, your story, your contribution to that history.

Ann went on to say great things about Ted Turner and the monster he created:

“By the time he had reached Cuba, CNN would be set up on the shore. (Ted Turner is right to be proud of his creation of 24 hour news.) CNN and MSNBC allow the cell phones flashing all over the world to communicate the mistakes that are being made via television to those without their own laptops and cellphones.”

I wonder if Ann were alive today, whether she would still sing their praises and insist they would come to our rescue.

Or whether she would be wise to the fact that CNN and MSNBC had been captured by those who seek to win and re-write history and erase their mistakes.

Celebrating the poor planning and decision making of those people.

Lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying 24 * 7 * 365.


It’s funny to me that Ann would use Cuba as an example. CNN is definitely on team Cuba. CNN would be able to respond to that situation so quickly due to the fact that they doubtlessly have a satellite office, if not corporate HQ, in Cuba.

Would Ann ever see the day coming where the internet she celebrated would erase anyone who remembers — whether digitally erasing and unpersoning them, or literally, in a hole in the ground they were ordered to dig for themselves?

Did she know that CNN would be an enforcement arm of the American Gestapo, with the FBI warning you that if you didn’t cooperate with them “CNN would be on your front lawn” with those very cameras Ann said CNN would wield as a weapon of truth and defense of the common man and the innocents from tyrants?

I knew that in 2002 when they did that to everyone who even had so much as social contact with Joseph Konopka, aka “Doc Chaos.”

They did the same thing to the company that employed me and Konopka, “” aka “the artful home.” They said they would have “CNN in their lobby” to tell the world they had “hired a terrorist.”

I was immediately fired for failing to “fulfill my legal and moral obligation to report him to the FBI” as though I had any clue about the circumstances under which he was arrested. They altered his 1099 to use my social security number, frame me for the taxes, and erase any record of employing him.

The company had already been giving me the Michael Jackson treatment long before that. Katie Kazan, managing editor, looked up “my name” on CCAP and found one Robert M Starks, born a year after me, with a long list of drug offenses, domestic issues, misdemeanors — and went around the company smearing me for my “prison record” and “lying on my application.” For which I ultimately got a public apology in front of the entire company and a $40,000 EEOC settlement.

When the lights went down and they left for the day, I used to fuck a meter maid named Wally and we’d shoot our loads all over Toni’s office and the conference room. I would point the stains out to my then-boss as we were harangued (again) about this drama (again) and she would turn red trying to not bust out laughing.

I retaliated and released emails between her and the investor she was fucking, to tell her what was what about morals. For this, I was raided, put on the front page of the state journal and capital times.

After the charges were dismissed, Toni, her husband and I would occupy the same three seats on the same American Airlines flight to New York. I did not recognize them. She sat there in silence, next to me, pale as a ghost. As we departed the plane, I read the name on her husband’s boarding pass and I , too, turned white as a ghost.

Off the plane, I looked her in the eye and told her that I hope she rots in hell.

Only one of those people had the balls to say “Look. Arrest me or get off of my fucking porch.” But even then, they drove him to near suicide at the time.

I also tried to commit suicide. I thought my life was over. Here is that story.

I am the user who is responsible for suggesting the “Rank and Vile” flair tag on , and now you know why.

If Ann saw what I saw today, she would tell you this herself.

But oh, I see, it is I , who is “dangerous to Hillary Clinton’s democracy.”

Ann continued:

“Zbigniew Brzezinski, an American foreign affairs guru, says that the world is full of “these volatile, restless, politically awakened masses that continue to put more and more pressure on the system…” (1) I think that what we are witnessing is an example of Edward Lorenz’s 1972 description of continuous dynamic systems. Lorenz was a meteorologist who was trying to describe how sensitive initial conditions might grow into a large phenomenon. His metaphor example was the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil and the possible resultant tornado in Texas.”

(1) Howard zinn, A People’s history of the united states 1492-Present

It was thought at the time that this theory, called the chaos theory by some, would not be amenable to application to human behavior. His mathematics have been applied to many areas since then, including human behavior.

Ann was a dissident/activist who witnessed very bad historical decisions in her lifetime. I had the pleasure of meeting Ann when I was 15 years old and on a community assignment from the SPRITE boot camp. Let’s say we met after that, too, and that I have more in common with some of my friends than I ever let on.

“Ann wanted to stick with it, there is work to be done” her best friend Barbara said, after Ann was no longer with us.

She was an activist until the end.

To those destroying our beautiful state of Wisconsin, our community, or our Planet , their attorneys and investors attorneys would rather have fifteen hemmorhoids or eat a bowl of shit, than encounter the opposition and the activism and the brimstone and fire of Ann E. Fleischli.

I have written here, or on since 1998 or so. I hope that my story, and my stories do not end here. But this is the conclusion of this particular story.

I am no longer willing to be a Cassandra or a mad man or a seer mumbling in a corner, nor to push a rock up a hill without any assistance as I do with 99% of my friendships and familial relationships. You don’t have to listen to me or agree with anything I say, but with or without me you need to wake the fuck up right now.

This is my plea to science, technology, engineering, medicine, and research:

“Drop your weapon.”

Nicely, please.

If you don’t have time to go through all of this now, a PDF backup of this blog is at with a mirror at

XML format: with a mirror at

“Men die, but not what they stood for.”

— Gil scott heron, on coming from a broken home (excerpt)

Doublespeak: Eggs are bad, mmkay / Eggs are good, mmkay.

Eggs were always bad for you.

Eggs were always good for you.

What are you talking about, science says eggs are-

I will save you some time, theyre good for you, unless they’re not.

AL 721 was something Larry Kramer, Nathan Kolodner, and Dr Barry Gingell triied to persuade Fauci to look into for AIDS/HIV.

It is made from nothing more than egg protiens.

Are “eggs bad for you,” or are “eggs cooked on scratched or leaky teflon” bad for you – or are the fumes from PTFE pyrolysis bad for you?

That stuff sure seems to kill birds and pets within four hours.

Throw that supermarket tabloid rag in the trash.

Look at what your telomeres are trying to assemble, vs what is in your assembled cells.

Build a nutrition, supplementation, and/or electron analogue dietary plan off of what YOUR body actually needs to create its cells.

You need a balanced diet because you have to create .. well, every type of cell in your body, and every cell needs a copy of your chromosomes. So “eggs are bad! ” and I am missing a protien. Or “I’m going to only eat protien! protien good!” “Salon said grapes are good, so all I eat are grapes!” well no, telomeres are building blocks, and they’re waiting for a letter they need to assemble your cells. They need a variety of things in order to do their job.

Hint: They are not a diet consisting of HCFS, fructose, white flour and sugar.

Alright, so people say fasting has benefits. Or to fast for labs.

If you are fasting, or not eating because you are gravely ill, or are otherwise nutrient deprived or dehydrated ; telomeres do not have what they need to assemble cells. So you will have unassembled telomerase aka viral load. This may, result in a temporary halt in cell division and therefore low cd4 or other types of cell counts.

People make claims that fasting has benefits and if its true that it causes a halt/checkpoint in the cell cycle stage then I do not see why it is any different for someone to claim that this has benefits any more than to say the same for chemotherapy or an N1 nuclear import inhibitor like ivermectin.

They’re magnetic. Look it up. “magnetic immuno polymerase chain” hello, fucking magnets how do they work.

Anecdotally… take this as you will from someone who didn’t have a lot of use for eating or sleeping in my youth … it seems as if urine that is too dark or too pale and lifeless signifies different things, and when it is bubbly (not like a whipping cream that doesn’t flush, I read that this is a ‘go see your doctor right now’ sign) that is when my metabolism is in gear ; antioxidants are doing their deal and I burn visceral fat.

The planet , and everyone and everything that inhabits it is in great danger. If you have even the faintest idea what the hell I just said, please continue reading.

If you don’t – I tried my best to provide my homework.

Who would Rob call with 10 minutes to doors open?

Well, probably Roshan but he is ill right now.

It’s weird to me, that that angry girl that looks like Pippi Longstocking can get wheeled around the planet like the pope, and get a personal face to face audience with my “elected” “representatives” , but said representatives do not give a damn about what they say are the world’s most pressing crises. I get blocked or ignored.

But a literal foreigner , come step into my office, right on.

It is almost as if these people want cash instead of proposals.

Or something.

For this round I contacted a few scientists and MD researchers whose studies I geeked out on. It was a holiday week etc etc etc , I assume they need time to parse and respond, if they respond at all.

Secondarily to that, would you email Elon, or Bill Gates, whose MX records time out for various aliases on his web page?

Weird, would you inject something from a guy who can’t even operate and maintain his own software products?


Hypothetically speaking, suppose I am genetically similar or perhaps even literally related to numerous HIV/AIDS suffers, along with countless other people who have the same genetic sequences identifiable on a PCR but are not considered HIV+

And our “viral load” aka telomerase is searching for something we need … or have adaptively or maladaptively come to need in order to assemble our chromosomes and cells.

This means, pharma holds patents on the chromosomes of me and my brothers and sisters and anyone else so afflicted , and literally charges us a $3,500 a month jizya for our “aids medications” to even be alive.

All the while telling us that we are filthy carriers of stigma and pestilence and a burden to society.

I pulled a Tim Pool for awhile and talked shade about Trump and Biden and Clinton hoping Blogger would leave me alone. It worked. I never got kicked off of there.

However I was literally foaming at the mouth and pissed off enough to burn the red hat over the coronavirus situation.

I found myself banned, ostracized, fact checked, disclaimed, warned, shadow banned. Like all of this information is in the public interest and about public health and we are not allowed to even discuss it so how the fuck can we solve it?

Cocaine Mitch. Miss Lindsay. Trump himself. Not one of those dinosaurs have shit to say about the way we are targeted or treated by Big Tech and Big Social.


No fucking thank you.

None of this changes who I am, what I value, etc. I was like this before.

I remain so.

And where we go from here will have a lot to do with whether I think a second term for Jared and Ivanka is a good idea.

Ahem, based on performance? I do not.

Genetic shortcuts

Let’s say these drugs we’re taking, whether our dealer is named Walgreens or Pookie, actually do perform preferential bonds that make the job of telomerase 100 times easier. It can find and assemble things it needs or is looking for, even faster or with fewer molecules.

Perhaps this is adaptive, in response to things you have been “inoculated” against, or are no longer available in the poisoned, nutrient deprived garbage we call food.

Your body goes, whee, this is easy! Now I can burn/metabolize all this fat!

“I have so much energy!”

“I feel good!”

And then you withdraw that substance — legal, illegal, or an over the counter cold remedy — and your telomerase is searching endlessly for that substance it has been trained , to use as a shortcut, to create copies of chromosomes to insert into your cells.

And what are the symptoms of telomerase activity?

That’s right, “cold” and “flu” and “aids” and “covid” and “polymere fume fever” aka PTFE pyrolisis poisoning.

And you know, the people responsible for contaminating our planet are desperate for justifications for why the byproducts of their industry are actually beneficial.

Get this.

Maybe some of these chemicals actually ARE creating shortcuts for telomerase with unexpected results that I decline to speculate are harmful or beneficial.

You can take whatever I posted with a grain of salt, challenge it in whole or part, modify it and insert your own findings or understanding , improve upon it, or if some light bulb goes off over your head over anything I said – take it, it’s yours.

But this one right here, is my idea.

And you can have it, too.

I … literally .. drive myself crazy with some of the questions I come up with.

For example, “what is the difference between a kaleidoscope and a telescope?”

I eventually came up with “a telescope shows you reality from a distance, and a kaleidoscope shows you a distance from reality.”

That was my first and “final” answer, but now I have arrived at:

“Characterize a microscope, an electron microscope, and a PCR test.”

Well, one is a microscope.. the other two are kaleidoscopes.

And I could just about scream right now.

What is the Large Hadron Collider?

A collide – o – scope, WOMP WOMP.

“What is the difference between a bumper car and a bumper sticker?”

It took me 13 years to answer this: A “bumper car” is a genetic sequence, and they can appear anywhere, as if parallel parked, in a line of cars. A Telomere end cap is the “bumper sticker” , it is like the sealed part on the end of a shoelace. “HIV” and cancer and a number of other aberations, if you are lucky, are essentially harmless, and non infectious when it is a “bumper car,” but due to timing/folding errors, if it ends up in the bumper sticker, it is a problem.

You do not want those “sealed” into the bumper sticker. But they can break free of that under weird circumstances due to scavenging, substitution, or timing errors.

Or , notably, “inducing your g2 cell cycle to restart” which they currently do by absolutely destroying your immune system with chemotherapy; and you may also be able to apparently do with ivermectin. I warn you that I am not persuaded that daily ivermectin, for a long period of time, which effectively pauses the cell cycle , is a good thing any more than taking chemo every day for the rest of your life is. Whether that means two days a week, I am not qualified to give dosing advice.

The problem with geneticists playing god, is that they cry “EUREKA! This sequence MUST spell ABC12344” in the same location on the BUMPER STICKER.

They don’t know, from their “pcr test” whether they are looking at the bumper car or the bumper sticker. Something harmless in the bumper car, may be malignant or fatal or cancerous in the bumper sticker. And the system god already gave you for this, is smart enough to say “well I cant make ABC, but AAA is compatible, so AAA it is.” And these black and white all or nothing thinkers try to short circuit the adaptive systems god gave you, to insist that it is ABC or nothing.

And when they say “these patients all have the same 9 genes” or “they all have a sequence of exactly 27” (*) is that true, or is it three groups of three or 9 groups of 3? Are there immunodeficient patients who otherwise meet the criteria of being “aidsy” where somewhere in this pattern of 999 AAA is ACA , or they only pattern match 18 of the aforementioned 27 (*) – but the sequence is otherwise identical, and what does that mean?

(*) 27 is arbitrary for the sake of discussion, no other reason than divisible by 3.

There is no explanation under the hiv/aids hypothesis for why “hiv negative” people have the same genetic sequences attributable to hiv/aids, on a PCR test.

I had said four years but just now it came back to me clear as day that I was in my attic in my house in Milwaukee when that question popped into my head. And I had just woken up from a beautiful dream about an old friend, Arnold, who had passed away, and I wish… I wish … I wish I could remember what he said. He wanted me to tell his wife Jeannie something. Maybe someday.. maybe someday I will remember.

These are the same black and white thinkers who say “CONSUME MY PRODUCT OR DIE.” and “BURN THEM FOR THE HERESY OF CHALLENGING ME.”

Blind obedience to authority is a feature of religion, NOT SCIENCE.

I deleted a few posts where I stated a number of things as fact. For example this started with a theory that “prions” were protiens looking for electrons or other protiens that you had been inoculated against (by say, the hep B vaccine) and had an immune reaction against. I believe elsewhere in this blog I still state, as though as a fact, that “aids was given to promiscuous volunteers in hepatitis b vaccines in 1978.” So if you are fact checking me, and I make apparently contradictory claims or irritate you with things I assert as though a fact, please focus on posts made in November 21, after my statement along the lines of “this next series of posts will be the one that really piss some people off.”

Other than some glaring items I had to remove, such as proposing using extremely strong opposite polarity magnets as a treatment / antiddote to repel telomerase – yes, telomerase is magnetic, polarized, and opposites attract – I left everything before that “as is” so you could understand where my thinking WAS, and where it WENT, to demonstrate how my mind changed.

Maybe about two years ago I was stuck on ¨building blocks have ABCs, just like in the nurseries” and hilarity ensued.

*gasp* telomeres are building blocks

And immunodeficiency is like when I go to Target and want to rearrange the Christmas stockings to spell ” F J B ” for the thirtieth time this week, but the staff are pissed off and put all the letter “F ” ‘s back in the stock room!!!!

And alternate telomere lengthening is when I pout and spell out “L G B ” instead and sulk away.

or, TTTGGG or whatever the hell it is, I presume that scientists or doctors or CNN’s limitless panels of experts know what I mean.

A word of caution about being the restocking crew who fumes “NO! This sequence of stockings MUST SPELL A B C D E F G -“

Because telomeres are a scavenging and/or substitution * process.

Your innate and adaptive encoding mechanisms are more brilliant than anything else that has been brought to the table by men.

  • Commonly explained as a “mutation”

I say “men” because it is the research and work of women — one of whose work of 40 +years — inspired me.

I moved my blog several times and have most of this stuff , including some hellacious shit about ancestral memory and why cats freak out when they see a cucumber in various XML files that neither blogger nor wordpress will import, and yeah I could write something in bash to parse the array but so much of it is garbage

And here we are now.

Some Assembly Required

I don’t know what this thing is that we could be “missing.”

Suppose something like “HIV” is written to your DNA and it (maybe) isn’t really natural.

That does not account for why “hiv negative” people test positive on a PCR.

But for the sake of discussion, now your telomeres want to find its components in order to assemble new cells.

Alternate telomere lenghthening might work both ways:

“I will extend them for something new”

And “Ah well, can’t find that. I will have to shorten them. Fuck it, SHIP IT!!!!!!”

As software managers like to say.

This almost HAS TO BE TRUE because we know that telomeres shorten with age.

And the people interested in that, are why I am even saying any of this.

Is it possible that some people are more silica based than carbon based?

There has to be an explanation for what I described a few months ago as unpleasant headaches and “feeling like my HIV viral load was spiking” when I am around vaxxies. I get sick every time I leave the Goodwill or UPS Store in the town where I just sold my house with similar stuff.

Look, I can hear 8-9khz and 18-19khz tones that you can’t. I can hear the high voltage flyback on an old style glass CRT. They drive me fucking crazy.

I can “hear” all sorts of shit that I hope to god you don’t have to live with and yes I am a bit touched but the fact that sometimes other people hear it too, leaves me thinking current explanations are somewhat lacking.

This might be explained by paramagnetism , electrons, and toroidal fields in some sense. But if we have (at least) two different sets of slightly different biology then it is a mistake to force a one size fits all approach on the entire planet; hence the suggestion of investigating what is deficient from an individual’s OWN cells or using their own cells as a supplement for as outrageous as that might sound.

And maybe the rest of this superstitious nonsense about “natural born witches” and all the other spooky shit needs to go the way of transferring your sins to a chicken.

So, you ever notice how you hear “X is good for you” , “no, X is BAD for you now.”

“Vitamin ZZZ helps with condition Y”

“No! Vitamin ZZZ doesn’t do anything at all!”

I already mentioned that humans survive “plagues” because of genetic biodiversity. And that is one reason why I believe it is bad to make them universally resistant to, or RECEPTIVE TO, anything.

But there are other factors: Maybe your study is conducted in an area thats 90% caucasian or 70% black, or 100% people who drink the same water or are exposed to the same pollutants .. or are maybe even literally distantly related to each other

And so maybe in one sample population, one of these revelations appeared to be true

But then could not be reproduced by another group in other volunteers.

It’s enough to make you go craz(ier).

Consider things they do to children: “Johnny won’t sit still in class, he doesn’t care about this stupid fucking rote information I won’t stop droning on and on about and all he wants to do is ride his bike! We need a court order to give his developing mind lithium salts and amphetamines!!”

Please draw and quarter those fucking hacks for me they had me on 20+ meds over the course of a year or two under a court order when I was 8-9.

  • Pardon me, I am desperate to not make this “political” or get sucked into that, let’s not politicize stupidity, ignorance, medical malpractice, child harm/neglect etc.

Okay so I brought up sudafed and meth and analogs for a reason. Lets say they form some kind of preferential chemical bond that we are not currently aware of, and you end up writing something altered into your chromosomes.

And now, telomerase activity , is a process of telomerase looking for that thing to assemble the new structure in your chromosomes.

But you don’t find it.

So now you have “sniffles” and “cold symptoms” as you do with telomerase regardless of what its cause is.

So, ah ha! You take more sudafed and it “relieves your cold symptoms!”

Because these stray telomeres found what they wanted to bond with.

Ever get sober and feel “sick” for a long time?

I have seen tens, hundreds of thousands of people come and go from chat, and its always “I feel terrible, I can’t take it anymore, I need to get high again”

So its the never ending roller coaster relapse cycle of, “I cant even function, I have the chills, I’m sick, I just want to feel better.”

Well……… no moral bullshit here okay, just know that there is a point where .. if you are lucky enough to be alive right now .. drugs will not give you comfort or relief, they will give you more pain than ever.

If you’re here, you got a second or third or twentieth chance your friends didn’t.

“AIDS is from drugs!”

Well possibly , but define “drugs” because we are pumped full of all sorts of over the counter shit that is literally ONE MOLECULE AWAY from a DEA Schedule 1 controlled substance. And when we stop taking it we have “cold symptoms” again, so we chug another bottle of WalgreensFluCrap XDM.

And then remember that, as I said, lots of people are “reactive” to PCR for HIV who are otherwise “HIV antibody” negative.

That is why Kary Mullis screamed that you cannot use his PCR test to diagnose HIV.

And now these drug companies have proposals and the money and nearly unlimited power to quarantine or exclude from society.. or possibly shoah … their sundry and various victims. As well as the people who do not WANT to be their victims or unwilling “customers.”

Who was it that said “in order to find out who rules over you, figure out who you cannot criticize” ?

Don’t shoot the messenger RNA!

If you really think the United States will ever give you free shit, wake up.

You won’t get a single response offering them something.

Here it is:

“Telomerase” is relatively new, discovered and characterized in 1984.

It roams around your body looking for missing electrons.

Because it wants to write something to your chromosomes.

And it is incomplete.

This is the so-called “VPR1” virus , the so called checkpoint.

It is paused because it wants a complete copy of your chromosomes to write to your cells.

it rushes to the injection site in some people, because that might not be precisely what the telomerase chain is looking for, but it is SOMETHING attractive enough that the telomerase chain just can’t help binding to. I don’t know the ingredients of these vaccines, they’re a secret I guess, so I am not trying to sound like one of these crazy conspiracy theorists who keep alleging that the vaccines allegedly have graphine oxide in them — but I will use graphine oxide as an example of a… lets call it a black hole that all the electrons get sucked into.

So whatever electron or chemical it is, its something that your telomerase chain either wants, or just simply finds irresistable — but binding to it might NOT be a good thing. It will satisfy your checkpoint that the mission was accomplished and it found what it was looking for, and then write that into your cells instead of your chromosomes.

If you are extremely lucky, perhaps the resulting bond IS what your checkpoint process is looking for; or its just some harmless shit you will get rid of.

I propose that rather than eliminating or attacking telomerase, aka your “viral load” , or treating it like a free radical to be destroyed…

You instead supplement it with whatever it is searching for.

I have no proof that magnets actually stick to people’s injection sites.

It’s just a question: “How would that be possible, IF it were true?”

40 years, trillions of dollars, and “omg! what is that! it’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s an electron! it’s a pathogen! mommy, im scared! your body needs to be primed to destroy that!”

And not enough “well… wait a minute, what isn’t there?”

I tried to e-mail Bill Gates. I have to say these people on the world stage fucking terrify me, but something clicked. I actually do know what it is like to try to improve peoples lives, only to be called a monster and threatened with death and prison constantly. I paused for a long time in the shower when that one hit me.

I have other interests and I can’t promise you I won’t be writing dirty ditties or ranting about someone who looked at me funny at AA tomorrow. But I have one last crazy idea, you can grab the butterfly net for this one and me and Britney are gonna have a tea party ok? But suppose you are “missing” something in your cells.

And this one is as crazy as it is fun: If your chromosomes are in every cell of your body, then I think you could literally stick fingernail clippings or hair in a vegetarian capsule and scavenge those to make new cells.

What do you mean, “thats gross?” I didn’t say BOOGERS!

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