Memory Lane has a few Potholes in it

Flowers are red, young man. "A" is to "B" as "B" is to "C." Unless it isn't. There's no need to see genetics any other way than the way they always have been seen.

Aw shucks

My blog’s getting passed around like a 12-year-old at the Creston Park Kingdom Hall in Janesville! How exciting!

Elder Purnell swept it under the rug and maybe the next kid , Opie, wouldn’t have hung himself at 15 if Elder Purnell wasn’t such a fucking loser.

PSA: I corresponded with James to see if he would be cordial or continue gaslighting and accusing me of shit. He informed me he still has all the backups of his blog ready to go at any time. Ah well, so does Enjoy everyone. For future reference when I say bad things about ((( )))’s I of course mean satan worshipping edomite fucks like Stan Janis and James. We all know you’re not god’s chosen anything, the bible specifically says you are cursed because edom fucked a caananite.

Edomites are the ones who cried let it burn, as Jerusalem burned.

You fuckers have infantalized the wrong man for far long enough.

I love my mom like a best friend but Jehahas are fucking cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Mom laughed at 9/11 for example. These guys get excited at shit like that, or covid, or “the great satan falling” because “finally the prophecy is being fulfilled.” To them, it’s all good news.

Even when it’s not “GO TIME” , you know, 1895 or 1912 or 1914 or 1976 or blah blah blah oh wow is it already armageddon season again , they just fuck kids , ruin lives, ruin families, destroy every fucking thing they touch.

They fuck kids, and then tell those very same kids if they touch themselves, theyll be left for the birds to eat their eyes on judgement day.

Most offensively of all, they wake you up knocking at 10:00 am on Saturdays when you are piss drunk and/or hung over; no matter how many times you wave a gun at them or say “I wish, you assholes were dead and in the ground with worms eating your eyes right now.”

And that is why they are a fucking dangerous death cult who represents a grave threat to humanity and society; every last fucking one of them should be completely purged and forever banned from any semblance of power authority government governance lobbying control or pharmaceuticals.

I am so glad James is double vaxxed. Please go to CVS right away and get #3 and #4 back to back on the same day, thanks.

There will be no prophecy from your false prophet and false religion.

There will be no New Jerusalem for you and if there is, there is not a fucking chance in hell God would let you people anywhere near it.

There will be no brand new streets.

There will be no brand new planet or brand new water to poison.

There will be those of us who WILL fix the planet we have.

We will not drink the koolaid,

We will not eat the bugs.

We are already happy.

All we need is a world without you rabid fanatic fucking lunatics.

Step aside and let grownups do more than IGNORE ANYONE WITH SUGGESTIONS OR INPUT, pray for more of your ONE TRUE GOD, MONEY to fall from the sky, while you pray for Moloch to give you kids to rape or for your self-appointed, self annointed’s fifth do over on “paradise on earth.”

I have really fucking good and bad news for you, we’ve been 4D.

The sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sickest thing about Joe Biden and his asshole country is their “Juneteenth proclamation” recognizing America’s “past failures” to inform them that they are free.

Well they are free, you depends shitting demented fucking fag. Get on TV and tell them that today or shove your Juneteenth proclamation up your colostomy socket.

I’m not hearing “you’re free” im hearing “stay in your homes, no holidays, no familys, fuck you and your bodily autonomy”

Juneteenth? Fuck. You. Wash that word out of your mouth.

I have been contacting people … reporters, academics, doctors, congressmen, researchers, universities, AIDS organizations who are more interested in their ongoing self preservation than a cure — for seven fucking months with this shit, no one cares, and I am fucking PISSED.

I will no longer tolerate the JW Org’s gaslighting

James Paul Perez is a gangstalker, they sicced him (and others) on me for years. So instead of being horrified at the words I use to describe them, be surprised that I have not turned their headquarters into a smoking crater.

Here’s his blog.

He himself admits he is a jesuit faggot from Bethel.

He got me really worked up thinking that he was a “victim” or a “TI” himself, but you can read for himself where he is friends with the guy who pozzed me up, where he says he showed up at my house with a gun, etc.

This is the “cult” i mention growing up in, and the guy that the Seattle District Attorney said was the craziest mother fucker she had ever seen in her career.

Here you go, I have , as I said, a REAM of evidence of being gang stalked, harassed, terrorized, and threatened by real people with real names , whom the courts denied restraining orders against and the police refused to do anything about — including the City of Maricopa Arizona; which is also run by LDS Niggers and Good Old Boys. It is real and I have the receipts. If I am crazy, they made me so.*/

After the fourth cycle

People get sick and die every solar minimum about every 10 years it’s why they have UN agendas around plagues and alleged disease for 2012 2020 2030 and 2040 , so they can pretend they know what is happening ; and pretend they have a “solution” which always seems to call for more and more and more and more money and authoritarian surveillance, control, and curtailment of movement assembly and speech.

Have you ever wondered why negative interest rates and digital currency are soooooooo important to the field of “epidemology” ?

If you haven’t, welcome.

You have arrived.

Start wondering.

War and Peace – Almost every society hits a tipping point with its “creditors” and when the “creditors” are another nation, said societies tend to slaughter those “creditors” under the pretext of war.

Usually it is the USA and her allies doing this bullshit, but this time it is China and her allies doing it to you. The USA’s inability to pay its debt and bondholders and blackmailers is fast upon us. Trump had his tariff wars , which resulted in retaliation to fuck our JIT systems and push us over the edge with increasingly worthless currency in ample supply ; and a rapidly growing scarcity of goods.

The silent cold war we are all suffering from while our government lies to us about the true nature of the conflict, who is responsible for it, and/or what they plan to do about it — this is about who holds the purse strings and control the currency.

To put it one way, Lindsay Graham and Chairman Xi are fighting over the purse.

Xi is probably rightfully pissed off about his polluted water and blood and soil from your industrial waste. Lindsay is crying “but the purse matches my lipstick!”

And here we are today.

You need to understand this: I don’t have an opinion about Xi or China. I’ve never been there , and I do not read much about them. In China, I would not be permitted to research or discuss that issue or write anything about solving it. Much like I am not permitted to research or discuss or write anything about such issues on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and their ilk. And this is the world that some of you seem to think that you want to live in.

(OTOH I have been to Moscow.. which is one of my favorite cities… and at one time I spoke a negligible amount of long-since-forgotten Russian. I would not have returned , if not for the fact that they seem to have stricter immigration policies than the USA.)

In other cases, the “creditors” are actually the citizens of that society. Whether it is the volatile , restless, politically awakened masses putting more and more pressure on the system to demand their basic needs be met ; whether it is the elderly in nursing homes and/or on medicare, medicaid putting a strain on the budget ; or whether it is a state such as Illinois which is and always has been run for no other reason for the benefit of its own state workers — who can no longer afford to pay the pension obligations they were promised for their decades of service… well, this inevitably becomes a dark moment in history because they promise to pay all of these things but mark my words they slaughter these creditors — “we the people” — just as readily too.

But Joe and Nancy say you are a bad bad bad person for filing bankruptcy, it must be harder to file a case; it must be harder to discharge certain categories of debt such as student loans ; you must wait longer to file another case if it isnt your first.

You must pay your bills to their stakeholders.

But when it is time to get yours, the nursing home residents get snuffed ; you get snuffed ; the pensioners don’t get anything.

On to the pretext for these deaths:

We get dna breakage during solar minimums.

You can (probably) repair this due to alternate telomerase lengthening.

Most colds, flus, aids, covid, etc are an immune reaction to telomerase activity and this is literally a fact supported by respectable researchers. If you are into that.

I am here to draw your attention to things that we already know, and that you need to know if you don’t already.

If you think MY explanation is ridiculous, check some of THEIRS out, they claim that these new plagues and microbes come from “outer space” (whatever that is even supposed to mean) and break through while we have increased UV exposure during these cycles.

The elites , I suspect, took mRNA vaccines and gave themselves aids and broke their telomerase repair ability forever that’s why they do chemtrails and block the sun and hide in their bunkers– they fucked up and they cannot repair their broken DNA during the solar minimum cycles.

Vaccinations for what?

“A bioweapon,” I presume.

Which bioweapon? You should ask DARPA or Fauci that question. I only ever found one person who attempted to answer my question about what happened during some of those “plague” and “pandemic” outbreaks at military bases that would later be blamed on “swine flu” and “russia” and “china” in 1976/1977.

That would be one Eustace Mullins, who says (among other things) the United States infected soldiers with “vaccines” and then deployed them as literal human bioweapons in his book “Murder by Injection: The Story Of the Medical Conspiracy Against America” (1988)

The SPL-Seethe calls him a “anti semite,” “white supremacist,” “conspiracy theorist” etc. I do not agree. You see, right there in that stuffy old book the Jews are always seething about it says “thou shalt not kill” so if you kill, you do not follow god’s law. You will see me repeatedly defer respectfully to Hebrews who are obedient to the god of Abraham; and note (with GLOWING references from the community) that I do not have (and have never had) very nice things to say about ANYONE who hides behind or weaponizes god, religion, or so called “spirituality” while they engage in murder or spiritual abuse which is murder of the living soul. You can download his book here, because fuck the SPLC.

The SPL-Seethe (a Rockefeller / pharmajew attack pet) has nothing to say about William Avery “Devil Bill” Rockefeller Sr, a con artist who identified himself as a “botanic physician” and sold elixirs using the alias “Dr. William Levingston”.

Google for the “black eye club” and “hillarys tongue” and now look up “kaposi’s sarcoma”

Theyre dying and these are the kind of people who go “if I can’t have the world, neither can you.” What else can you expect from the personality types that are typically drawn to public office?

Fauci knows it’s why he takes vitamin D.

Vitamin D for me – $500,000,000,000 in “vaccines” for thee.

Fauci knows a lot of things. Like how Merck contaminated 30% of the polio vaccines with SIV. But go ahead keep listening to that “african bush meat” story.

It’s why we had “aids deaths” around 1980 and another wave around 1990 which they explained as the “7-10 year time it takes to develop full blown aids”

Clinton changed the definition of AIDS in 1993.

PCP pneumonia, which turns your lungs to jelly, is (among other things) a byproduct of hydrogen peroxide you create while you are killing free radicals.

“Vape lung” was the cover story for the HIV negative people experiencing this in 2020.

“Vitamin E” ? No, try again. The soil the water the blood in Wuhan has the highest recorded levels (31,000) of Dupont’s forever chemicals in the entire world. So do the fish at the nearby “wet market.” If you want to know more, keep reading.

Or if you ain’t got time for that shit,

Teriyaki bat soup, my ass.

I am not the fucking quack or crazy person. They are.

And if I am crazy, it’s probably from a combination of everyone’s bullshit propaganda and lies which are vomit inducing in and of themselves combined with whatever the fuck they put in the water that turns the fucking frogs gay.

And while your body works frantically to expel that hydrogen peroxide they say, here mask up and suck the peroxide back in.


As your body works to expel carbon dioxide, you go drink another 60 ounces of that shit at the soda fountain. But Coca Cola has more important things to worry about than that, like riding the BBC carousel in their C-Suite.

You either adapt/evolve during these times or die.

Some people are more carbon than silica based.

When the old guard dies earth will go 5d/gaia

It’s why they rape kids and marry young, to perpetuate their defective genetics that won’t be compatible with the new world

We survive plagues due to genetic biodiversity their melting pot interracial agenda is to make us more universally susceptible to their plagues

This one failed

Dear sipapu cleanse this wicked world of anything that does not belong here even if I am one of those things

Fuck digital warriors be a digital jihadi. Leave an IED (improvised educational device) on the side of the information superhighway.

You can build an improvised educational device with commonly available household materials such as a computer and internet connection. Or in some rare cases, you can deploy a highly regulated; illegal; tightly controlled tracked and monitored weapon of mass destruction such as a working human brain – if you can find one on Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerburg’s carefully cultivated “mommy tell me what to be outraged about today” circle jerks.

I explain this and more.

A diagram of “Our Democracy” ™. They say “Dangerous to Our Democracy(tm) ” as if that were a bad thing.

If you don’t have time to go through all of this now, a (now more or less finalized= PDF backup of this blog is at

If you have a draft copy prior to 04 Dec 21, this file is the most up to date.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS to my co-authors:

Dr. /Pol/ and Professor /Pol/ , for their medical and historical insights.

Make America Goyim Again

Communism and socialism and “world war 2” , the “1918 flu” and vaccines are a lie

did anyone get the utopia they were promised in russia or china or germany?

Or Detroit or Baltimore or Los Angeles or San Francisco or New York or Chicago?

Or did they get the oven and the ditch and absolutely ruined.

Lolocausts, communism, socialism, pandemics, vaccines are cover for jews like Bush and Biden and Trump and Fauci and ashkenazi “nazi” Hitler and the child fucking satanic british royals to make a sacrifice of 6 million or 100 million people at a time.

Queen Elizardbeth

None of those, none of their luciferian baptism rituals raping kids with bill gates needle, ever fulfilled their satanic prophecy or got them their new jerusalem or new temple or satanic prophecy before ; so this is The Big One. You must resist.

You must name the jew.

You must name the jesuits.

You must name the perversion and subversion and debauchery of the Church.

You must name the Nicolatians as Jesus did.

This isn’t about health or freedom or economic equality.

They are literally, koolaid slurping Jim Jones / Waco / Hale Bopp cultists hoping they will get their brand new city and brand new streets if enough of you die.

I am , for one, tired of “jews” (again, not Hebrews obedient to the god of Abraham, but the Synagoge of Satan described in Revelations) telling me what to do.

I have one regret: It is that I worked Grindr into a joke about molecular biology and did not think to use “atom 4 atom” instead.

The bigots and fundies like to say “god created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam” , and well , if you think it is unnatural for atoms to be attracted to atoms then the pharma jew understands biology even less than they understand god.

“Hey, CI-AI, give me a recipe for blueberry pancakes.”

Blueberry pancakes can be made with joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy.”


Try to tell me that this is not a Luciferian baptism ritual and that this bitch is not possessed:

The face of god in all people and experiences

Nadia Bolz-Weber turned me on to the gospel. Her statement along the lines of, god keeps digging us out of the graves we dig for ourselves with our violence and our selfishness and our lies, loving us back to life (paraphrased) would stand out to anyone who has had a second or third or thirtieth chance at life.

I have been to HFASS a few times.

I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the insistence everyone put their pronouns on their name tags (I fucking love putting “Miss” down as my proper title) or the .. ah I don’t know, the SJW shit was over the top.

You would walk in the door to the message “I’ve said a lot of horrible things recently. I’ve failed to resist or speak out. Forgive me and help me to bring Justice on Earth.”

And I couldn’t even find anything I fundametally disagreed with, they were really nice and I like Reagan a lot. He could give a sermon and talk about being pro immigration, but I live in Mexico and have no fucks to give for sermons about “noble savages” any more than I did sermons about Disney movies in LA.

I speak Spanish. I would give a Mexican or anyone in distress a water or ride.

I unconditionally support BLM’s right to protest and to explain in their own words why they are doing so, rather than to fancy myself to be their white spokesperson.

Yet, you are a very silly man if you don’t think they would burn the church down with everyone inside of it.

I am more of a synarchist who is hardcore about the principle of non-aggression.

I love making social justice warriors burst into flames when we play oppression olympics, and I get to casually say that I am a gay autistic American Indian muslim juggalo republican with aids.

I was told that the taliban were indian and asked how I would feel if you slaughtered my entire family, and now I think I know the answer to that.

I tell my story about Guild and the FBI, not for victimization points or pity, but to tell you this: I was defamed as a hacker, terrorist, and associate of Konopka on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times, when I was not only not charged with any crimes related to Konopka, but in fact I was never even criminally charged with anything at all.

It is to inform you, that when I hear BLM talk of what police do to them, or hear Ilhan Omar talk about what they do to them, “I believe them 100%.” I speak up now because I am an example of someone who experienced this without even being charged with a crime, let alone convicted for a crime. For no other reason than to spare a wealthy white woman — friends with the mayor and a board member of the local electrical utility and symphony orchestra — from the embarassment of anyone ever knowing she had done the exact same thing she had accused me of: “hiring a terrorist.”

They will do shit like this to a light skinned person who is not charged with a crime.

Fuck yes they will do it to a black man or a muslim , or you, or your grandmother.

I arrived thirsty for the gospel but I got an earful of the marxist and Luciferian agenda. Covid ruined everything, I couldn’t do high altitudes or help set up and that’s actually the only reason I didn’t return.

But I left with these words, “I’ve said a lot of horrible things recently. I’ve failed to resist or speak out. Forgive me and help me to bring Justice on Earth.” , and so while I did not join them in their resistance, today I speak out for justice on Earth.

I have two muses. St Therese and Ann Fleischli. Therese implores me to see the face of god in all people and experiences.

Even though sometimes you want to push a lawnmower over Therese’s flowers or burn every single last fucking one of their sacred cows on the altar.

Mike Flynn asked for “Digital Soldiers,” and I say, I don’t want to be a soldier for Biden OR Israel. Behind a computer screen OR on an oil field. Why not be a Digital Jihadi and leave Digital IEDs on the side of the Information Super Highway?

And how , exactly , does one go about constructing a Digital IED?

With commonly available household items such as a computer and internet connection.

In special cases; with banned, illegal, and/or otherwise prohibited items like peaceful assembly in the public square, freedom of speech, a brain, or public discourse.

It is your only defense against weapons of war like prejudice and censorship.

I am not confused. I like to experience different things or be culturally competent.

The only three religions I really give a shit about — okay, two , I am not even going to pretend I give a shit about the third one — all worship the god of Abraham

There is only one God and he is on your side.

I thought about what Ann said one more time, and I decided that history is not written by the winners. History is , in fact, written by losers who refuse to admit that they lost.

The stages of acceptance for them are “try to force my will on the people” , “get shot down and told to go fuck myself” , “denial” , “bargaining,” and then right back to “force my will on the people” again. We are doomed for as long as we tolerate this.

This is where you get reasoning such as “Coronavirus vaccines work! That wasn’t the REAL coronavirus vaccine! REAL coronavirus vaccines have never been tried before!”

You try to point out that , yes, there were in fact 35 previous attempts. And all 100 million of the test animals died when exposed to wild virus, every single time.

And they stick their fingers in their ears and go “NUH UH!”

Whether or not these fuckers are just treating the book of revelations as if it were an instruction manual for global governance to fuck with us –

You might be playing but I am not.


And maybe, just maybe, we finally arrive at some weary ass fucking point in our history where we say “fine, just shut up and drink your fucking juice, Shelby.”

I am not the author of the book of Genesis and can’t speak to their intent, but knowing what I know about the world today I would imagine that the serpent had in fact told Eve “if you do NOT eat this, you will die.”

And then all of Eve’s suffering and pain and sickness and death was Eve’s fault… which reminds me a lot of Pfizer and Moderna’s liability waivers from the FDA.

You ask why are “christ cucks” so scared of a little jab?

Well, for one , because normal people don’t live in Portland or Seattle and willingly shove unknown dubious substances up their arm with a needle three times a day.

And two, because we know our history.

You ask, “why didn’t the Germans do anything about the shit the Bush family did to them in 1933?”

I ask, why are you not doing anything about the shit the Bush family did to you in 2001… or today for that matter? Do you have any idea how many times the “royal family” has probably done this shit to subjugate humanity and re-write history , probably since before Jesus ever even showed up?

Yeah , no thanks

I won’t be reviewing or responding to known contact methods for some time.

Here is another brick for you.

It is time to reclaim the word Niggers, or Nickers.

It originally referred to the Nicolatians.

Everyone hated the fucking Nicolatians from the marrow of their bones.

Forever and ever and ever.

Even your prophet/messenger Jesus.

The (((words))) you think you aren’t allowed to say, are a lie like everything else they say about themselves or each other.

No offense intended to Hebrews who are obedient to the god of Abraham.

All manner of offense intended to the Nicolatians.

Whom I hate even more than I hate Stan and Janis.

NIC NIC NIC nicker, nicker nicker, fuck nickers, and fuck jannies.

The day the blacks and whites scream it together, is the end for them.

They’re terrified of the rally chants of Hitler and Trump, because the people screaming for anything in unison makes the hair on their necks stand up.

That “N” word, instead of being an empowering, unified shout of contempt from the peasants for their overseers-

Is a word that makes you and me both feel baggage, anger, shame, division over.

It would be brilliant if it were a scheme from the proponents of “psychology.”

But remember that history is always re-written by the winners.

That it defames the overcomers.

And celebrates the poor planning, decision making, and brutality of the overseers.

There is no “we shall overcome” , you have overcome again and again and again.

And you will, again, because you ARE what Jesus referred to as the overcomers.

It says so right in the Book of Revelations.

PS: I am nobody special, I am just a dirty bottle who washed ashore and said “help me I am in over my head.”

And somebody or something was angry enough to send me back to the kitchen.

The cubes/blocks dissolving, target people who take psychedelics (1960s).

The jenga games the (((war criminal psychiatrists))) use on people in a drugged out disso trance in their nut huts, among probably other mindfucks we don’t know about is supposed to invoke your fear and trauma response from Bush’s Reichstag burning on September 11, 2001.

I am not sure what they did to Joseph Rosenbaum. But 100% , they killed him.

You ever notice how at some point in early childhood, they “test your hearing” and observe you play or react to various toys, or various visual stimuli in “intelligence and aptitude tests” and then after that it seems like you have a black rain cloud over your head every day?

“Told you were worthless from five years old, is it part of your destiny?”

Amanda ghost, a child believes

We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control.

No dark sarcasm in this classroom

Teachers, leave those kids alone, I want you listen to the atmosphere this song here creates tonight-

Lisa Stansfield, time to make you mine (ORB/auntie aubrey remix)

Janet said to walk into that room where I was never welcome , invited, or wanted and to show all the fucking way up.

Why, indeed, would you want to be the one who does the least?

In closing,

Why do I call them “LDS Niggers,” you ask me?

Cause what they do to kids is SO FUCKIN NAAAAAAASTY

Fuck your MKUltra Talmudvision

Editorial note:

And, here is your brick.

This entry is from sometime around April 23, 2020 – I was watching MSNBC in Lexington and the anchor started doing this weird thing where she was pulling out various games and puzzles and making strange comments (sort of like Ellen Degeneres had been on her Twitter feed if any of you remember some really bizzaro shit she had been posting) and something clicked .. “this is what Ellen was doing too, what the fuck” there were suggestive stimuli flashing on the screen that were bizarre and inappropriate in context to the newcast. Something clicked where I grabbed my camera, exactly as Ann Fleischli said we might, and snapped a picture at a perfect time.

But we live in Clown World, so I wasn’t taking photos of injustices to forward along to MSNBC as Ann had predicted. I was taking photos of injustices perpetrated by MSNBC.

Then they cut to a “press conference” with “donald trump” saying they had ended the fed and he was the fed chair effective immediately or something to that effect.

I posted something on twitter like “ha, he looks like a female alien” and … normally I get totally ignored on Twitter but that got a whole bunch of people on my ass and in my DMs asking what channel it was, and if I had videos. I did start recording after that point and if anyone else has it, it probably came from me but I myself do not have the videos anymore.

What ensued after that, I would simplify by saying it fits most closely with what some of you call “blue beam” (I believe there is some other explanation) like this bizarre apocalyptic scenario, bizarre perceptual experiences, I went to Clearwater and got vanned and my mom was freaking out and telling the cops I was “going to commit a mass shooting,” they were looking for me in three states and when I did finally get home she was glassy eyed, manic, talking about it was the end of the world. They fucked with her too.

If autists want to get into I stand behind what I wrote as “anything you experience is (subjectively) real” but not necessarily important.

Thus, the following is to be taken into the context of “composed in an altered state after they did something very bizarre to me in a hotel and vanned me for a week” , my remark on the anchor isnt a threat, its literally what I typed in response.

Here is something I keep forgetting and I must.. I must .. I must remember. They hacked my blog, which I had migrated from Blogger to a home-brewed platform rather than using a COTS product like wordpress — and started uploading child pornography to it. I caught them in the act, I immediately nuked the server and reinstalled it , and that is why there is a disparity between what I had and lost.

Apologies and thank you to Cloudflare. I choose to not alter this post, I hit the panic button so fast about the child porn I never ultimately determined root cause.

— begin original post —

The government is using Cloudflare to facilitate a psyop and control what you see or do not see on my blog and who sees it. I broke it on Twitter. Go search for “barbecue” and take care of those sick fucks.

Given the history here I doubt the big government men are going to come help Me, more than likely they’re purging the MK Ultras , and Alice in wonderland programming victims

Here’s MSNBC flashing illuminati , “hand washing” , colored blocks/rubiks cubes, puzzles, and much more live on broadcast television… channel 18, Lexington Kentucky

Friday at 5pm where they announced to SOME viewers that Trump had killed the Federal Reserve. They used a counterfeit kentucky state seal and have the wrong number of windows on the courthouse, it’s an msnbc sponsored psyop

The anchors eyes are diamond-like slits cause the bitch is gonna die.

clarified november 30th this exploits ancestral memory: snake eyes , its to scare you the way a cat jumps from a cucumber , blocks dissolving in the back (rubiks cube, its suggestive stimuli for breaking through the looking glass or having an NDE. Go back to Ellen DeGeneres’s twitter where she posts creepy shit about puzzles…. puzzles rubiks cubes, jenga games, they use these suggestive stimuli in psych wards to induce certain patients into trances and other altered states, they use the ones that respond positively for false flags. Now you know what happened in Kenosha with someone who just got out of the Nut Hut and died for no god damn good reason than the news cycle.

Here are the two versions of my Twitter page on the Quantum internet. One for the TIs/CIA assets who have been lured into Q, and one for the others. There are probably other “quantum internet” versions.

The matching phrase for the little boy washing his hands at the mirror is “go clean up your room.”

Want to know how I know?

Pizzagate is real, they did it to me when I was 4 or 5 and I escaped.

This is the post they tried to false flag me over:

Tribal genocide wont be a Cruz administration priority

Edit: Here is your rock.

I contacted Ted Cruz two and a half months ago to complain about their willful genocide of my tribe. His office ignored me.

I also contacted Arizona, who also ignored and stonewalled me on multiple issues. Since then I have sold my house, and my defacto last state of residence is Texas. I would say “fuck Arizona, I ain’t paying their salaries” but that’s Dominion’s job.

Since when did Ted have a problem with someone running off to Mexico to escape from their problems? Kek. At least I am not the only constituent he fucked over.

If I wanted to email someone who didnt give a fuck about queers or their concerns and would send a half ass non response months later I would email Hillary Clinton.

Well, fine challenge accepted. I contacted Ilhan Omar and others.

I wonder if Ted encouraged Benjamin Netanyahu to contact his own home state’s representatives instead.

Pretty sad state of affairs when you have to play “are you my mommy?” with your legislature. Tomorrow I will spend $1000 on postage and address every sitting member of US Congress and the Senate, except for Ted “not my problem” Cruz.

Do Bibi and Greta Thunberg have to provide a valid zip code and ZIP+4 that is validated as being in your district when they come and call on your offices?

This is the representation that I have a $10,000 IRS bill for? That is fucked up.

Their FBI terrorized me, smeared me for “guilt by association” and destroyed my life. Can anyone name a single crime involving Joseph Konopka in which I was a suspect or charged?

Or did you maybe, just possibly, destroy my career , reputation, did I maybe lose a house and my car and my freedom, a 3-4 year relationship that was already admittedly strained, and damn near my life .. for your investigative fishing expedition?

So that Toni, instead of merely “hiring a terrorist” could “hire a terrorist” AND commit tax fraud? *slow clap* pom poms out for “morality.”

Dear God, thank you for my life and breath today. If this is not the sledge hammer you meant for me throw through the screen today and it is merely a pebble then thank you for this pebble, bless me with a rock tomorrow and a brick the next.

After 9/11 i specifically warned Konopka “like uh, hey, you know, they are going to start calling vandalism and trespassing or mischief terrorism right?” I said “you can’t just go walking on a train track anymore you’re going to get roughed up booked and fingerprinted.”

He disagreed with me and we never spoke since then. I like the guy, he’s smart and funny and I miss walking around him the way we used to do. I never had a friend before or since that wanted to do that with me, except one boy from Madison who was cool enough to explore the abandoned freight tunnels under Chicago with us.

But it was sort of like all the times I warned Steve over and over again that he had a neon sign over his head that said “arrest me” It is absurd to implicate me in whatever Joe did subsequent to that and served 20+ years in Florence ADX for.

And I am the one who got crucified for “bad judgement” what did I do, besides rearrange some Christmas reindeer to look like they’re fucking and maaaaaaaybe like, one time, we re enacted krystalnacht but I straight up told the cops — under an intense, threatening, weeklong interrogation — that.

Their government slaughtered my ancestors again and again and are at it again. Bush slaughtered 150,000 Iraqis on their way home, who were promised safe passage. For no other fucking reason than “just because.” They think nothing of murdering hundreds of thousands or millions.

But oh no, won’t someone think about the naughty language scribbled on a payphone or the front window of a Hallmark store?

They say if I question their election results I am a terrorist.

Hitler , who was funded by Prescott Bush, did the exact same thing in November 1933 when he “adjudicated” the votes of 3 million who accidentally didn’t vote for Dear Fuhrer in his “landslide unanimous victory” and then persecuted those people for their “clerical error.”

Which, they clearly didn’t mean to make. Because it was a “clerical error,” right?

But if I “name the Bibi” I am a nazi.

They say if I question the vaccine — and I attempted to do so with far better reasoning or so called science than you have proposed — I am a terrorist.

You know what else “changes your DNA just a tiny little bit” ? AIDS and CANCER. Oh no! Dirka Dirka Muhammed Jihad!!!! I said WORDS about HEALTH AND SCIENCE arrest me!

Well you already called me a terrorist when you said on the front page of my hometown newspaper, that I had *GASP* “hung out” with my co worker Joseph Konopka. And when , as I was informed by the Sheriff in Pilot Point, you monitored me as a “drug trafficker” for years and years and years even with no case pending.

What’s the term? “non investigative subject” “do not inform” ? I saw it on the MDT. Don’t even fucking pretend you don’t already do the exact same shit you threaten to do, or that you have not been looking for justification for what you do for 20 years. You are the terrorists.

American Gestapo. And they want a $10,000 gratuity for their service.

Never mind the so called “jihad squad.” If you kill what’s left of my ancestors I will come back to Texas, primary Ted Cruz, and *I* will turn you into an Islamic caliphate.


Ted Cruz is such a loser, that when he started emulating Donald Trump Republicans actually started looking up to him MORE.

On the late and great Ann Fleischli

“They say that history is written by the winners. That means that history is a self-serving version of the past written by the people who created it, trying to rationalize the mistakes that they made. Well, and of course, it also means celebrating the better decisions made by those politicians and rulers. That premise is no longer true, however. History is now made by all of us.

Today, if Columbus strode onto the shores of that island in the Bahamas, he would be greeted by a barrage of flashing cell phone cameras held by the native Arawak Indians. Instantly posted to the internet, the blogs would begin warning that he had taken some prisoners who were wearing gold ornaments in their ears. It is unlikely that he would have repeated that behavior in Cuba and Hispaniola (today’s Haiti and the Dominican Republic), his next stops.”

Wha’ The … a bit of MaDiSon wi history, a dissident/activist’s experiences

In order to defeat a force of nature like Ann, she had given them the blueprints.

Blog culture would be destroyed in favor of the Ministry of Truth, where anonymous censors could make others not see your posts, unperson you, or click a button and disappear you, your readers, your social connections; or ten years of your work, your story, your contribution to that history.

Ann went on to say great things about Ted Turner and the monster he created:

“By the time he had reached Cuba, CNN would be set up on the shore. (Ted Turner is right to be proud of his creation of 24 hour news.) CNN and MSNBC allow the cell phones flashing all over the world to communicate the mistakes that are being made via television to those without their own laptops and cellphones.”

I wonder if Ann were alive today, whether she would still sing their praises and insist they would come to our rescue.

Or whether she would be wise to the fact that CNN and MSNBC had been captured by those who seek to win and re-write history and erase their mistakes.

Celebrating the poor planning and decision making of those people.

Lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying 24 * 7 * 365.


It’s funny to me that Ann would use Cuba as an example. CNN is definitely on team Cuba. CNN would be able to respond to that situation so quickly due to the fact that they doubtlessly have a satellite office, if not corporate HQ, in Cuba.

Would Ann ever see the day coming where the internet she celebrated would erase anyone who remembers — whether digitally erasing and unpersoning them, or literally, in a hole in the ground they were ordered to dig for themselves?

Did she know that CNN would be an enforcement arm of the American Gestapo, with the FBI warning you that if you didn’t cooperate with them “CNN would be on your front lawn” with those very cameras Ann said CNN would wield as a weapon of truth and defense of the common man and the innocents from tyrants?

I knew that in 2002 when they did that to everyone who even had so much as social contact with Joseph Konopka, aka “Doc Chaos.”

They did the same thing to the company that employed me and Konopka, “” aka “the artful home.” They said they would have “CNN in their lobby” to tell the world they had “hired a terrorist.”

I was immediately fired for failing to “fulfill my legal and moral obligation to report him to the FBI” as though I had any clue about the circumstances under which he was arrested. They altered his 1099 to use my social security number, frame me for the taxes, and erase any record of employing him.

The company had already been giving me the Michael Jackson treatment long before that. Katie Kazan, managing editor, looked up “my name” on CCAP and found one Robert M Starks, born a year after me, with a long list of drug offenses, domestic issues, misdemeanors — and went around the company smearing me for my “prison record” and “lying on my application.” For which I ultimately got a public apology in front of the entire company and a $40,000 EEOC settlement.

When the lights went down and they left for the day, I used to fuck a meter maid named Wally and we’d shoot our loads all over Toni’s office and the conference room. I would point the stains out to my then-boss as we were harangued (again) about this drama (again) and she would turn red trying to not bust out laughing.

I retaliated and released emails between her and the investor she was fucking, to tell her what was what about morals. For this, I was raided, put on the front page of the state journal and capital times.

After the charges were dismissed, Toni, her husband and I would occupy the same three seats on the same American Airlines flight to New York. I did not recognize them. She sat there in silence, next to me, pale as a ghost. As we departed the plane, I read the name on her husband’s boarding pass and I , too, turned white as a ghost.

Off the plane, I looked her in the eye and told her that I hope she rots in hell.

Only one of those people had the balls to say “Look. Arrest me or get off of my fucking porch.” But even then, they drove him to near suicide at the time.

I also tried to commit suicide. I thought my life was over. Here is that story.

I am the user who is responsible for suggesting the “Rank and Vile” flair tag on , and now you know why.

If Ann saw what I saw today, she would tell you this herself.

But oh, I see, it is I , who is “dangerous to Hillary Clinton’s democracy.”

Ann continued:

“Zbigniew Brzezinski, an American foreign affairs guru, says that the world is full of “these volatile, restless, politically awakened masses that continue to put more and more pressure on the system…” (1) I think that what we are witnessing is an example of Edward Lorenz’s 1972 description of continuous dynamic systems. Lorenz was a meteorologist who was trying to describe how sensitive initial conditions might grow into a large phenomenon. His metaphor example was the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil and the possible resultant tornado in Texas.”

(1) Howard zinn, A People’s history of the united states 1492-Present

It was thought at the time that this theory, called the chaos theory by some, would not be amenable to application to human behavior. His mathematics have been applied to many areas since then, including human behavior.

Ann was a dissident/activist who witnessed very bad historical decisions in her lifetime. I had the pleasure of meeting Ann when I was 15 years old and on a community assignment from the SPRITE boot camp. Let’s say we met after that, too, and that I have more in common with some of my friends than I ever let on.

“Ann wanted to stick with it, there is work to be done” her best friend Barbara said, after Ann was no longer with us.

She was an activist until the end.

To those destroying our beautiful state of Wisconsin, our community, or our Planet , their attorneys and investors attorneys would rather have fifteen hemmorhoids or eat a bowl of shit, than encounter the opposition and the activism and the brimstone and fire of Ann E. Fleischli.

I have written here, or on since 1998 or so. I hope that my story, and my stories do not end here. But this is the conclusion of this particular story.

I am no longer willing to be a Cassandra or a mad man or a seer mumbling in a corner, nor to push a rock up a hill without any assistance as I do with 99% of my friendships and familial relationships. You don’t have to listen to me or agree with anything I say, but with or without me you need to wake the fuck up right now.

This is my plea to science, technology, engineering, medicine, and research:

“Drop your weapon.”

Nicely, please.

“Men die, but not what they stood for.”

— Gil scott heron, on coming from a broken home (excerpt)

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