Flowers are red, young man. "A" is to "B" as "B" is to "C." Unless it isn't. There's no need to see genetics any other way than the way they always have been seen.

Month: November 2017

“A Dumpster in Connecticut”

I don’t even know what TV show they’re watching in the living room but I overheard a snippet:

“You ever notice how all of his stories are like, this one time, I got so wasted? Or, this one time, I woke up in a dumpster in Connecticut?”

I usually ignore the TV, but —

I snorted a little too loudly at that for reasons I would rather not elaborate on.

If nobody has told you they love you today, stop being an asshole.

When I’m lying next to you,
I can’t help but think what life would be like
With a person like you
Somehow I think only you would do 
We’ve been friends for years now 
Somehow I think it wasn’t meant to be
The first time we saw each other 
We stared with the gaze of lovers



on my mind

Time keeps on passing us by

It wasn’t meant to be 
Time keeps on passing us by

It wasn’t meant to be 
Time keeps on passing us by 

— Cuba Luna


Wayne and I were both perplexed by our friend Derek’s behavior ever since he’d bought something called an “iPad.”
Wayne said “He just sits there stuck in a loop staring at everyone’s profile pictures. I think something’s wrong with him. He sat underneath that tree all day. And when I went to check on him he was staring off into space and he had tears rolling down his face.”

Pay Attention, this is for you.

I found the song in Spotify’s weekly recommendations a couple of days ago.

I had heard the tambourine in the opening notes and it reminded me of Tears for Fears’ Shout.

So I grabbed the phone and played that song instead.

Over the next few days it came up on shuffle and I ignored it.

A couple words got my attention though.

I remember thinking there was probably a message in that bottle for me and that I’d get around to it later.

“Life is now or never.”

As far as I know I only have one friend who will drop whatever he’s doing and fly into some random town to join me for part of a trip.

The last time we did that was in El Paso. 

That was when I posted about wanting to grab a Tensabarrier and smash one of the pinatas at ELP to see if they were full of candy or seized cocaine or what, exactly.

The next morning we woke up to a headline that gay marriage was legalized 

Everyone else is like, bitch what? Are you crazy? 

He just kinda stayed on after that. Did laundry. Talked to me. I’d been very, very, very alone for a minute and a half. 

He was a little confused about whether we were dating, or what exactly.

I was a little confused because he never cuddled or put the make on me or anything like that.

I liked his company.

Fuck, it was going fine right up until that conversation.

We got along great.

I miss him. 

A younger me would have said sure, why the fuck not, let’s roll the dice and run with it.

But the me that I am now paused for an eternity and off he went.

If I was going to date anyone, I would definitely go for the guy who doesn’t even think twice about finding a rendezvous point in sone town he’s never been in.

“what they did yesterday afternoon”

they set my aunts house on fire
i cried the way women on tv do
folding at the middle
like a five pound note.
i called the boy who use to love me
tried to ‘okay’ my voice
i said hello
he said warsan, what’s wrong, what’s happened?

i’ve been praying,
and these are what my prayers look like;
dear god
i come from two countries
one is thirsty
the other is on fire
both need water.

later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

— warsan shire