2:18:30: “weev” (Andrew Auerenheimer) comes onto the #LRH higher than a Georgia pine.

2:21:10: “Nobody has led a greater jihad against the internet than me right now.”

2:26:10: Describes efforts to manipulate the media into thinking Papa Johns is the “official pizza of white supremacy.”

This doesn’t even make any sense. But everyone goes hysterical over it for about fifteen minutes and it’s all over the news, right? 

[Fox / Newsweek / Huffington Post]

Or, wait, does it make sense?

Weev claims there was a financial motive: To wit, an immediate 13% stock drop resulting in a 350% return on a leveraged option. 

Takeaway #1: It’s apparently easy to manipulate the media.

Takeaway #2: You don’t necessarily know everyone’s motives.

Update January 2020: I heard a rumor someone from GNAA/weev’s group is a security consultant for the Biden campaign now. If that’s true, then consider what he directly admitted to on this webcast: to fan the flames of muh White supremacism and muh nazism at Trump’s expense, with the full cooperation of an eager media. And then ask yourself why Biden’s administration would now willingly hire known “nazis” and “racists” and white supremacists” etc etc.