Turning 37* kind of went like this:

I wished Rob C a happy birthday. He just said thank you and nothing further.

Even mom forgot about my birthday.

Freddie said “hi” and didn’t respond for two days. I swear to Christ I’ve loved him almost as much as his mom for over 12 years now but I told him “if you ever do come to your senses and ask me out I will blow you off for the next twenty years.”

He replied “dayyyyyyyyum.”

I directed my attention to the chatroom next. I haven’t had the balls to tell Robin that her bitterness is cancerous and that everyone’s afraid of her and I need to forgive certain people and move on from whatever happened in order to grow from here.

I don’t want to drink from the bottomless well of their various resentments against each other or listen to people who want all of the “authority” without realizing that it comes with “responsibility” (and bills).

I guess all I wanted for my birthday was my life back.