Something I learned: People who endure constant lifelong stress have super-developed amygdalas.

Like, super muscular.

We’re being told that the key with those individuals for coping with stress is mindfulness and meditation.

Except, not to just glibly suggest it.

It is a specialty unto itself.

Alright. Something steppers have right: Steering you towards prayer and meditation.

(Which everyone groans at.)

Something I know: Look up and focus on the area directly in the center of your forehead/pineal gland, or so-called third eye.

Hold your concentration there for awhile.

This causes me a little discomfort and I don’t really care for it but it works.

It disconnects the region where craving and racing thoughts come from.

Something from my peer group: “Xanax. Definitely Xanax.”

Something from my peer group: “Wine.”

We all giggled.

I said “You realize, I hope, that you can’t tell your clients that.”

I added “But okay, I will faithfully record wine and Xanax into the discussion notes.”