I publicly lost my patience with some plastic fucking daddy issues bitch who shall not be named (again) for posting shit about how awesome it would be to kill all the white people, and how white people don’t experience domestic violence. 

For telling 3,400 or so of her beta orbiters publicly that I’m crazy and need my head examined. 

This is somebody who is a director at an LGBT organization. On record publicly saying he more or less supports exterminating approximately 60% of his gay and lesbian clients for absolutely NO other reason than their skin color. 

Muh Love Wins 💕 

Muh Love Trumps Hate. 💕 

Muh celebrate diversity. ❤️ 

Muh co-exist. 💗 

Muh Love is Love. ❤️ 

But we’re the “supremacists” and  “racists” and “bigots” and “gay haters.” 

When your clients come in off the street for counseling and psychotherapy and you learn that they’re claiming to have experienced domestic violence — and that has to be, what, a solid 70 to 80 plus percent of them ? — do your staff say, “sorry white people, but you don’t really experience domestic violence. Please leave now.” ?

Ah, why yes.. erm.. I must be shamed and publicly held accountable and banned repeatedly from Farcebook for my extreme hate filled and violent views! They have no place in a civilized society! /s

I’m going to be so excited and soaked in pre-cum that I’m going to slide off of my desk chair when Facebook gets broken up in an antitrust lawsuit.

Far be it from me to knock someone down from her totem pole where only her own perceived victimhood is relevant.
“Don’t judge me or think I’m bitter for the evil God allows me to see.” — Mary J

It’s not surprising that I said “fuck this.” 
What’s surprising is that I ever returned.
I’m seeing some of these other rabid mean girl steppers from Chicago — hands down, the iciest, grudge ridden, bitter twats in the entire group — popping up on social media like “yayyyy, Democratic Socialism, yassssss.”
I wish I could say that I am surprised. But every single time I roll my eyes and say “heh, figures.”

Like, “no, wait … I think … this particular person would actually, for real, seriously get their jollies from executing dissidents.”

Typical twelve stepper. 

I just blogged about what happens when two of them disagree about 90 in 90 or clean versus sober. 

Or somebody’s IRC boyfriend, whom they’ve never met in real life, gets offered a handjob with some olive oil and my god everyone had to pay now …. somebody is going to prison for this.

This sort of stepper would totally have you walk the plank or climb the gallows platform as part of the meeting format if they were allowed to do so.

Half the reason blacks and gays have the alliances they do today, is because back in the days of AIDS and crack, we ALL knew what it was like to be told that we deserved to die.

We founded agencies to serve ALL of us so afflicted without prejudice or discrimination. Whether it be about our race, our sexual orientation, our *cough* educational and socioeconomic background, a disease that at the time was extremely stigmatizing and providers were terrified of, or even yes… our skin color.

Such as the one that she is a director of today.

And so here we are, the year is 2020 and one of their .. HIV negative … directors is sitting there openly disparaging a client’s mental health and repeatedly alluding to who deserves to be arbitrarily discriminated against. Or even just straight up murdered.

Railing about how privileged her HIV positive and/or allegedly mentally ill clients are, publicly on Facebook.

You ARE the racist establishment that you rail so often and so hard against. 

You spread the very sort of racial hatred and stigmatization that you claim to be a victim of.

What’s new and hot in LGBT healthcare and community services? I know! Racial hatred and division! It’s so… groundbreaking … and necessary.

I’m “uneducated,” and you are willfully “ignorant.”

See the difference?

But my social media posts? 

Oh my god. 


And I’m the “crazy” one.

The perpetual fucking pariah.

That’s stigmatization, bitch.

Like yeah. The gays are gonna totally take down the government. But first, let’s destroy each other in a leftist circular firing squad. That’ll show everybody we mean business!

Howard Brown is rolling in his grave even harder than I am rolling my eyes.
And now I will sit down in one of my BMWs, sipping Starbucks while I play REM – “Everybody Hurts” … tears streaming down my face. 😢
Squish squish, sweetie darling squish squish.