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Month: June 2021

Memory and Rage

“And Hell is exactly what has gotten into me, and what gets into anyone in exile who has the temerity to remember Zion, to choose no matter the cost not to forget. To remember Zion is to be enraged at all that is not. To be enraged is to burn with the very fires of Hell.”

* Zion = TSIon (it means “singularity”): The singularity of the present, the future, and the past.

Things that glow in the dark.

Luc Montagnier is very close to the truth here:

> In April last year, when little was known about the novel coronavirus, Montagnier had claimed in an interview to a French news channel that the “presence of elements of HIV in the genome of the coronavirus and even elements of the ‘germ of malaria’ are highly suspect”, alleging that this was the result of trying to formulate a vaccine against AIDS.

It’s possible that covid wasn’t intended to be a “bioweapon” after all.

I don’t agree with him that it’s an HIV vaccine attempt. The NIH doesn’t make vaccines, and if they did, there would be no need for them to conduct their work in secrecy or move it around to perform it in other countries where their activities are banned by the United States.

They do immunology research and they perform clinical trials. I am speculating that it’s one of the NIH’s efforts at producing a “reporter” virus , which uses inserts from HIV and a specific strain of Malaria that glows (which happens to be one of the deadliest), so as to act as a bioluminescent biomarker that “lights up” the so-called “hidden reservoir” of HIV.

They’re repurposing failed HIV drugs like remedesivir on it. 

Anti-malaria (anti-parasitic) drugs allegedly work too even though the government and its state actor partners in social media deny this and silence, deplatform, or ban anyone who says this.

It’s a coverup and whatever they’re covering up is so bad they don’t care who dies to keep it covered up.

Remember that a narcissist would rather die, see YOU die, or hurl the planet into the sun than ever admit they made a mistake or use the words “I’m sorry.” These people don’t need your help lying and covering up their mistakes, they need to be barred from direct or indirect government involvement for life.

The HIV component and the malaria component both have attack vectors you can work with.

But they want to monetize HIV drugs they had thrown in the scrap pile, just like they dug the cancer drug AZT (which did NOT work as intended in laboratory mice) out of the garbage. 

Why wouldn’t they just use a successful HIV drug that’s known to work, then?

The interesting thing about HIV infection/exposure is that you can be exposed to HIV and your immune system can clear it without seroconversion occuring. This can be detected on a PCR test for 30 or so days before it clears, and this is the reason that a PCR test is not used to diagnose HIV infection.

We know this because we’ve done testing and followup at bathhouses for years. HIV negative men walk out of there with PCR detectable exposure and then remain HIV negative at later followup intervals.

Since it is known that people’s immune systems can fend off HIV in this manner, do we even have any conclusive evidence that remedesivir even does anything that your immune system isn’t already doing?

Conclusive, as in something besides a PCR test that they cycle so many times that you can get a “positive” covid-19 result from a goat, a bird, a papaya, or a can of coca-cola? 

Let’s talk about the NIH’s fuckup:

The “reporter” virus to light up the theoretical “hidden reservoir” is called “hiv-luc” , as in luciferase. It is designed to cross-infect HIV positive people with these new “reporter” cells.

Luciferase is the same shit that makes lightning bugs glow in the dark.

The “hidden reservoir” is a theory to explain why trillions of dollars in R&D for HIV cures and treatments have been doomed and can’t produce the expected results from PCR testing. 

As in, PCR testing that is so inconclusive and/or flawed that a bird, a goat, a papaya, and a can of coca-cola have “tested positive” for covid based on amplified PCR testing.

One problem with the “reporter virus” is that they can’t make it co-infect HIV patients without doing the sort of “gain of function” shit we’ve banned. Your body would fight these cells off. So they work on giving it mechanisms to defeat your immune system. They use a “harmless passenger virus” like a modified coronavirus as a delivery vector, and whoops, holy shit we’ve accidentally created airborne aids.

Another problem with the “reporter virus” is that malaria has an affinity for liver cells — that’s where malaria infection starts — and blood cells.

Does it even target the “hidden reservoir,” or does it just … oops … get into your liver and blood cells too?

People keep saying that this “covid” impacts the shape of red blood cells, causing pain, organ damage, and problems with blood flow. We know that it causes clotting, this is probably from malformed / dying blood cells. 

I don’t think you need to go hunting for a “virus” with such specificity that you need to cycle through a PCR test 45 times to find any “evidence” of it. In a truly severe/symptomatic case you should be able to see something wrong with a patient’s blood cells. And if this thing is a faulty “reporter virus” brought to you by the NIH you might see something even more troubling than that. Like damaged cells that glow.

Those people need supplemental oxygen and proper nutrition and whatever the fuck it takes to help their bodies regenerate their blood cells for 6 months.

Whatever these other people have, or had, it isn’t “covid” or they can be triaged as a less urgent case.

These guys who operate the BSL4 labs keep saying “yes X contains ____ but it’s not infectious” when these things get smuggled out of the labs.

That was probably the thinking behind your “harmless” “reporter virus,” too.

So let’s say the NIH fucked up and now we’re all concerned about some shit that can damage or decimate our blood cells. 

You make about two million red cells per second, and replenishing all your damaged cells could take a few weeks. Damaged cells go to your liver where they’re destroyed and their cellular components are recycled. Your body presumably has to work harder than normal (particularly under exertion) to deliver oxygen throughout your body via whatever viable/healthy cells you do have. This process takes on average 120 days or so, and that is what I think “long covid” and “covid toes” probably are. 

Your body is starved for oxygen because some cells are not capable of efficiently delivering oxygen throughout your body. But you’d better keep that fucking mask on at all times! Trust the science, bigot!

Why does covid kill off more obese people and people with “pre existing conditions” ? 

Fat people have more “body” to not efficiently deliver oxygen through. People with circulatory, cardiac, and respiratory conditions are already impaired with efficiently delivering blood and/or oxygen.

Nameless “experts” decided you’re not allowed to cite heart or respiratory failure as a valid reason to exempt you from wearing the muzzle. They say you’re just imagining things.

Suffocating yourself with a mask is probably the least helpful thing you could do during your 4-6+ month struggle to replenish your body with undamaged cells that can deliver oxygen more efficiently.

The same “experts” have also decided that unlike the imaginary concerns of the cardiac and respiratory patient who feels like they are suffocating, “autism” and “mental illness” ARE (Wisconsin) to be considered valid/protected “medical” exemptions. 

You see, literal fucking crazy people are not “just imagining” their impairments in clown world.

This is the stupidest fucking shit I think I have ever heard in my life. 

Rather than arguing about whether to use antiparasitics or antiretrovirals, why not go after both attack vectors with post-exposure HIV prophylaxis AND an anti-malaria regiment together?

Doctors and researchers are banned from discussing their experiences on Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey’s trashfire echo chambers and I think they both deserve to be exposed to criminal and civil liability for negligence and false information contributing to deaths and injuries.

I am concerned about third parties alleging that the same blood type of cell damage is observed in “vaccinated” patients. This might be a transient condition that resolves itself in a few months like “covid” itself. I do not like this shit where they forcibly bypass your innate defenses and encode some instructions that your body would otherwise reject, “what if” they make a mistake and it’s not something we can reverse or turn off? All of these people, their work centers around raping your immune system and forcing it to accept instructions that your body would reject or discard.

What’s even more dangerous than that, is how arrogant and unaccountable these people are. You cannot question them. You cannot talk about adverse effects or deaths. If they make a mistake, they’re shielded from liability IF it ever comes to light. The public will not be informed and they will be silenced or banned for attempting to call them out on it. I am not an “anti vaxxer” but this kind of shit right here makes me wonder if I should be afraid of these companies and their products.

The public is not rational. It demands more publicity, accountability, life ruin, someone’s head on a stick, and/or taking a business for everything its worth over refusing to bake a gay cake.

But you *dare not* question or criticize a vaccine manufacturer even if your parent, son, or daughter dies.

Trump and his “ten trillion dollars in reparations from china” act is horseshit. The United States and NIH are both just as guilty … and if that’s really what he believes then he’s too fucking dumb to be their boss.

If you still believe Fauci or the United States would never lie to you about the origin of AIDS/HIV or that every last god damn academic, researcher, and/or media outlet on the planet wouldn’t back them up on their lies or cover for every other fat ass in their trillion dollar schemes then you’re fucking dumb too.

I agree on “reparations” for how much we’ve suffered or died for their latest tantrum over who gets to sit in the White House and give our money whichever one of our enemies pays them the most to do so. But even “ten trillion dollars” in “reparations” isn’t enough to make this right unless they demolish the agencies and NGOs behind this, put everyone involved in prison, and we’re assured anyone this pathologically power crazed .. who repeatedly won’t take “no” for an answer from the people … would see the end of a fucking rope or tar and feathers if there is no other remedy or cure for their ambitions. 

Trump and “Q” reflect the public’s desire for some house cleaning, but all you got was a vaccine shill.

I just want to know, where are all the “act up” and “silence = death” gays these days?

Why does it seem like they’re all screaming at people to shut up and keep their masks on?

Kicking it

“Some people will just put anything out there no matter how crazy it is.”

I snickered and raised my hand and whispered “guilty!”
He’s nice, he’s cute, he’s sweet.
He’s 25.
He hates “feminism” but thinks Kamala Harris was a good VP selection “because she’s a woman.”
He thinks that the Black community should be happy with her because she has a “background in, what do you call it?”
“Attorney General? District attorney?”
I demurred and said I don’t know about that.
The guy who wrote the 1994 “crime bill” and VAWA, paired with an AG who wanted keep people on the razor wire reservation for as long as humanely possible because without prison labor California will have to pay a fair wage to stamp their license plates? I assume Black people know this?
VAWA is bullshit, George Zelichowski weaponized that to get even with me and get me thrown in jail for turning down his “marriage proposal.” 
That in and of itself is domestic abuse and your useless fucking system did nothing to help me and everything to empower an abuser. (I’d video recorded the incident in question but “the laws the law, we have to arrest you” they’d said. This is Reason #1004 I hate the brain dead NWO puppet in the White House.)
VAWA is another route to have your guns grabbed over unsubstantiated, unproven bullshit. Brainwash the females until they’re full blown NPCs with TDS like my mother and they’ll gladly turn informant or sign the red flag paperwork convinced that it’s for your own good.
I extracted from him that he thinks women are the ruiner of all things but that they do amazing things with music and art.
Okay, give me some examples?
Aaaaaand cringe, but okay.
Gaga once said that she hates that this is the persona she “has to” put on for the world or something like that. And good, because I hate the persona she puts on for the world too. The blood orgy shit is as fucking disgusting as it is derivative.
Are her “monsters” going to get buttmad because I said I don’t like the persona that she herself has publicly stated that she doesn’t like?
I might politely ask someone “have you ever worked with women or watched them work with each other before?”
I’m just scratching my head and nodding along.
He’s okay with my HIV status, he’s “informed and willing to take a risk” with a condom.
I’m like, condoms are bad for the environment won’t you think of our precious waterways and the sea turtles and the bald eagles.
He’s double vaxxed with the RNA science juice and , once again, I’m feeling flushed and hot and weird after I’m in close or extended proximity with one of these.
I’ve never needed a test or my I.D. doctor to tell me my viral load’s up, I don’t know how to describe it but I can usually tell because this is exactly how I feel. 
But when this happens it comes and goes in about 2-4 hours.
I find myself quietly wondering if he’s shedding spike proteins and if it’s anything I need to be worried about.
And just exactly who is taking a risk with whom here.
Not gonna lie, I went in the bathroom and popped two HCQ.
Is this encoding stuff sexually transmissible and what happens when people start breeding with 5 different manufacturers using 2-3 different conflicting methodologies?
Oh well, Fauci’s previous bioweapon hasn’t killed me yet.
If he’s as much of an incompetent fucking buffoon as I think he is, perhaps I’ll survive this one too.
You know how the fundies and bigots used to say that aids was gods special punishment for hell bound homos?
You can clock me on this one: I have been saying for years that we’ll end up being the only ones who survive their next bioweapon, either because of prior infection or our antivirals having an inhibitive/prophylactic effect, ala “prep.”
The fundies and bigots know about as much about god, as Tony Fauci knows about science or medicine.
The kid asks me if we’re doomed and if he should be worried.
I said, well. So far, up to this point, civilizations have come and gone , unspeakable evil has unfolded, humanity has been wiped out in cold blood yet, humanity and its warriors and heroes have always come through.. so far.
We’re here, right?
Science technology and medicine have worked together to render the fucking dirtball poisoned and increasingly inshospitable to nearly all forms of life. Literally no history book is ever going to say oh thank god for Fauci and Monsanto saving us from themselves.
So let’s see how we do with life set on difficulty level 15.