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It’s time for the..


So you know how a drip percolator works, right?

The earth kind of works the same way. 

Except, turn it upside down and you’ll have the “brewed coffee” as the atmosphere and the ground coffee as the earth. 

One of the reasons I’m opposed to massive dams , is their effect on the local ecology: I can get people to agree with me that they attract rains, storms, etc to the site of the dam.

The part they’re not generally seeing, is that by diverting moisture from rivers, streams etc and ecologically dependent communities further downstream ; they are denying them precipitation and conditions that would cause them to have rain; had they not had their natural water supply diverted or reduced.

Even something as small as a desert oasis can provide enough moisture for other plants to thrive.

Let alone a river or a stream that has been reduced to a trickle.

The earth needs its rivers and streams to .. percolate .. cleanse itself .. and maintain its PH.

What do you get in the percolator if you leave the heating element (sun) on and take all the water out of it?

A dry hard clump of coffee in the basket, right?

There’s your climate change.

You can’t grow shit in that.

Just thinking out loud here, what if your body is the same way? You already know you absorb nutrients etc in your small intestine, right?

But what about these “resting” cd4 cells in your colon?

Are they “resting,” and just some useless dormant reservoir of infectious disease as some postulate, or are they regrouping and repairing themselves?

Now someone else brought up how a certain “experimental” blockbuster drug the media and president just can’t stop raving about or threatening us with, gave him “hemorrhoids down to his knees” and I guess my take is, better there, than as a pulmonary embolism or lodged in my peripheral blood… ?

But, hmmmm maybe …. That’s the purpose they serve? To be broken down and recycled or whatever “there.”

They shouldn’t be ending up in your lungs as PEs or dead cells. They do. But that’s an even bigger problem.

Your colon might be where the mitochondria in your cd4 cells reassemble. Released cd4 cells are repaired or scavenged or reassembled and then functional ones returned to your peripheral blood.

If that’s happening, my hypothesis is , you have cd4 and or other blood cells backed up elsewhere in your body working on inflammation in your brain or body or lungs or other organs, and this is what they are labeling — my hypothesis is, erroneously — as a “reservoir” and then ; if you weren’t fighting an infection these cells would otherwise circulate right past that area.

Maybe this … traffic jam if you will .. is why some of those cells take four years to make their journey.

Should it be four years? Seroconversion takes a month.

Why are some of them infected and not others?

Because they’re in different stages of assembly and/or repair.

Good news is, those cells can travel through / pass the blood brain barrier. All this attention on how to “kill the cells” or get a drug to pass that barrier and into your brain. What if you instead “water the back lawn” and induce those cells in your brain to trade places and circulate down to also be repaired or reassembled ?

You know what helps mitochondria repair and regroup and reassemble?


Malnutrition/poor nutrition has always been a compounding problem with HIV/AIDS.

And you know , what helps zinc get into the mitochondria of your cells easier?

A number of things;





… you know what prevents those repaired cells from being reinfected ?

The “horse piss.” /s

Check this out: 

> Some scientists believe that the immune system might be able to heal and repair itself if it’s not fighting off large numbers of HIV viruses. This approach seems more likely now that we know that the thymus keeps working until a person is almost 50 years old.

So I have had high TSH my entire life , which they say is due to “thyroid damage” from radiotherapy, but increased free T4 correlates with decreased CD4. These are cells in the process of being created or repaired(?)

I have an idea. 💡 

If I hadn’t crashed my car and been forced to spend some time stuck in the desert, reading and thinking about shit.. if I was just running somewhere … I don’t know if I’d have stopped to wonder about any of this.

“They’re” trying to kill us, subjugate us, divide us , conquer us, and enslave us or return us to feudalism with this pandemic.

And certain people have certain claims about “covid” where “scientists” and “experts” scream to censor and burn the heretics and writers and thinkers just like they did to Gallileo and Bruno and others under such MAH AUTHORATAY.

Even after all these aeons of human history, they still grab and chuck their rocks and still kill the messenger.

Stupid primates.

I’m just thinking “okay.. if X or Y .. does what these people hypothesize or make anecdotal CLAIMS that it does, then why would that be possible, and what is it actually doing?”

That’s .. like … literally what my fucking job was.

And if you’re plugging your fingers in your ears right now and screaming to burn the heretics who dared to ask these questions while you step over our bodies for bribes and hush money — then you do not have a scientific mind , or even an intellectually honest or CURIOUS mind , no matter how much money or how many years you have spent on a piece of paper that says otherwise.

Idk, hey Siri, can I boof zinc up my ass? 

Siri says “Ah hell, why the hell not. You already put “everything else but the zinc” up there. “

If that’s the most efficient place to “challenge” (infect) the primates with HIV or HIV like illnesses, could it also be … worthy of consideration … as a site to boof some of the forbidden Clydesdale piss? 

I don’t know. One way to find out.

Update @ 2130 : zinc has a half life of 4.5 to 28 days. Please do not attempt something stupid like doing this more frequently than once a week or month. And yeah I am on one a single digit dose of the horse piss and one of the three things I mentioned that facilitate zinc transport into mitochondria. 

You’re smart, which one of those three can I obtain without a prescription?

Interestingly, the inflammation and tension in my lower spine has let up a few hours later. I guess this idea of mitochondria rearranging themselves is applicable to almost any type of cell , isn’t it? I did go “fuck it, let’s find out,” right?

Update 10/4/2021: this reduction in bodily/musculoskeletal inflammation persists several days later. 

This is unexpected and this is not why I did this.

The Frostitute

On a tangential and/or more personal note if you ever wondered why I never wifed the Russian.

It’s because he knew my status but told me he was negative and he laid all that baggage and fetishization about my “poz load” and all his anxieties about getting the bug at my feet.

Fast forward past a bit of hanging out and catching up and reminiscing and all that, and …

His car was leaking exhaust into the passenger compartment and I was taking a look at it.

He said he had a shop estimate and handed it to me.

I unfolded it, read it, handed it back to him and said “this isn’t a shop estimate, this is your CD4 and viral load results from the aids resource center.”

And off I disappeared into the snow.

Silently… quietly take my things and go

We’ve never talked since.

And even though he’s a crazy idiot I loved that boy about as much as I suppose I’m going to dare to love anyone again. Idk I met him two years coming off of Fred and was still completely wrecked, and he didn’t want a boyfriend , he had loads to take or whatever.

Now we’re both old and she’s husband crazed and baby crazed or whatever. And no, it’s not like Forrest Gump, because I think we both turned out to be Jenny.

But we’re gonna role play now. I’m gonna be “Forrest Hump,” you’re gonna be “Jenny,” and you’re gonna take my charged seed you coked out little slut.

He would be howling on the floor at that suggestion.

So like, if you’re a perfect stranger that I’m not even 1/1000th as fond of yet… it’s a deal breaker.

Cause if I could deal , I would have picked that boy.


The stock market’s been insolvent since the end of 2019.

Half the money Nasty Nancy and her cronies have stolen from what’s left of the treasury’s piggy bank — oh and there ain’t much left — was probably invested in Evergrande or Blackrock.
Still think you’re getting reparations or UBI?
Cause we’re out of money – but we still have a billion dollars for their cronies , or a billion dollars for other countries that are already insanely wealthy.
And $0 for you.

Western Blot – Move over experts, it’s amateur night.

This one isn’t my idea or doing, just elsewhere off of the Chans.

You might be interested in knowing that sometimes “GP160” is actually = GP41 + GP120.

And what is GP160?

1-5 bands of difference in either direction could be the difference between a “differential diagnosis” for lymes disease or HIV on a western blot.

Some blots may be present in some patients, but not others. Usually p24 and/or p41 are the ones that get attention for suspected HIV, but 120/160 as well.

Some may be “weakly reactive” or not present at all as shown in tests #1 and 2 below.

But again a “band” can be the sum of two other reactive bands; ie gp160 = gp40 + gp120.

gp160 , or thereabouts could be hanging out there all by itself. 

sv40, is idk, 80 or 90-something and can be present by itself, or damn near all by itself. 

Both are interesting to me. I’m not 100% convinced that some of this shit means what they think it means.

The Chagas idea is interesting, it’s not where I went with this “but okay,” I say this fairly often these days but “I’d be delighted to be wrong” as long as someone fucking comes up with the correct answer.

Guess which two drugs are next to impossible to even get in Mexico, with or without a prescription.


I don’t know what to tell you, this isn’t a veterinary product or a pumpkin spice flavored paste, this is an over the counter tablet from Mexico , approved for human consumption.

I am taking this with another anti parasitic product , and I decline to name either for now because this post does not constitute medical advice and I’ll probably get spanked for that.

What I can tell you is , after a month I can walk a few miles , or hours , for someone with HIV, a supposedly bad heart, and or “long haul covid.” 

I’ve had fluctuating symptoms for years and who the fuck knows what tomorrow will be like but, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how weak and or in pain I usually am about 3/4 of the time.

I’m not sure what the United States ‘ problem is but “healthcare is a human right” my ass. 

I can walk into a pharmacy here and get this shit without a prescription , or insurance , or a doctor and you should be asking why they’re so desperate to not let YOU have it AT ANY PRICE even with a prescription.

I got sent home from the hospital up in Arizona last month with sepsis and pneumonia. “Oh no, nothing we can do.” On the plus they didn’t snuff me on a ventilator for a $48,000 bonus so I guess they’re one of the better hospitals.

Whatever, I’m not trying to die here. I told the county I fucked someone on Grindr with chlamydia and got a Z pack and a penicillin shot. I then showed the order to a telemedicine doctor and said here “I’m allergic to Zithromax” and traded up for doxycycline.

I then melted down and nebulized the forbidden paste which cleaned out my sinuses and lungs in HOURS.

Not a LOT. Not for LONG. And through the NOSE.

Where are the ace2 receptors? Idk, your lungs I think? And how to get a high enough serum concentration to reach those? Idk girl, freebase the paste.

Once an addict always an addict I guess: “hmm can I crush this up and snort it? what’s the flash point, can I smoke it? Naw girl this one needs to be vaporized.”

And I don’t care what anybody thinks about it.

I had intracranial pressure , a hemorrhage in my ear , sepsis, dehydration, and pneumonia and they were like “okay, run along, go home now.”

Joder eso = “fuck that.” 

My realtor passed away from covid , my cleaning guy was in the hospital for a month and vehemently denies he had covid but the guys a shady piece of shit who overbilled me three times what he said he would and was probably lying. I’m not pointing fingers. We all got sick at the same time. She died. He damn near died. Blaming victims angers me — save your outrage and anger and action for those who did this to us.

As for me.. idk I always say “only the good die young.”

She was a wonderful , hilarious , lady and I was worried when – a few weeks went by and I didn’t hear from her.

This kind of shit below, is why I wouldn’t let an American tiktok nurse with munchausen by proxy syndrome get anywhere near me with a god damn needle if it had free heroin in it. 

If you know why you have no trust or credibility with some people; and NOT just blacks at this point, but others you show great bias and contempt for and quietly CTA — carry off to the alley — great. 

If you’re really a hero, I’m sorry – I’ve had my life saved even after other “doctors” (that bitch at Seton Medical Center for one) made it clear — to my face — that my life was worthless to them.

And that’s why I spun my wheels and sunk the time that I did into some of the other things I did with my life and my time. I know what’s it like to have nowhere to turn, to hear the first kind word anyone’s said you you in ______, or to be told I deserve to die. From aids, from drugs, or just for being generally disagreeable or opinionated or just “way too much” as Janet Mock might have put it. I loved that chapter even if some people were and still are assholes. I was a young man in my late 20s… I spent my 30s on that… life is short, I’m in my 40s now and right now I am 100% tapped out and I will no longer abide the shit some of those people did to me for most of those 10 +years.

Whether or not I helped anyone. All I know is. In 2008 I was at that magic age everyone seems to die at, 27, and in the gutter — or, kek, literally a dumpster — thinking along with everyone else that I wouldn’t live to the end of the year. I didn’t get a lot of things perfect but maybe , the time I spent getting out of my head or trying to lift others out the gutter , is the only reason I even lived this long.

I know good people , like my sorta friend , sorta not friend Denise — you’re doing gods work and before covid I was in CADC classes and trying to go for a nursing degree in Chicago myself and then all hell broke loose.

Knowing what I know now, no fucking way. Not in the USA anyway. Maybe somewhere I don’t find the foreign and domestic policies or healthcare policies objectionable if not OBSCENE enough to projectile vomit over. I am really liking Mexico , but I need to learn more.. and learn better fucking Spanish heh.

There are some things I won’t do to other humans for any fucking amount of money or anything you could ever offer me; and after all of this I had better be 100% reassured I won’t be asked to do those things before I attempt school or return to the workforce or change careers and pursue that.

Maybe someday you’ll figure out why some of us are saying the things we are saying right now. If you’re not completely corrupted and 100% in on this or in covering this up or profiteering off of this or maintaining a code of silence somewhere and stepping over our bodies, then thank you for your service and this isn’t directed at you.

The Seesaw

Whenever you’re working with a black or white, all or nothing, “one or zero” ,  argument that the machinery has turned us against each other over-

Such as:
Dumbocrats v Rethuglicans
Hillary v. Trump 
(or , face it, any of the rigged contests)
Vaccines v. Antivaxxers
And you’ve been told you must choose one or the other,
That there is no “third option.”
If you don’t _______ then you are a _______.
If you support ______ then you ________.
If lesser mortals are brainwashed into scapegoating you or telling you that you deserve to die, be beaten, or lose your livelihood, or suffer if you make the “wrong” choice then know this:
When faced with such a purity test, given “two” options:
They are both probably the wrong answer.
The machines that explore potentials and possibilities and so called forecasting “timelines” (I doubt that’s even a thing, as it conflicts with my belief that time itself is non existent, let’s say it’s just a calculation of suspected outcomes when fed two choices, this kind of crap started sometime around the 1940s or 1950s) , then they’ve decided that a particular outcome advanced their unspoken agendas and the propaganda and coercion machine gets to work on making you think that that’s what you want , and need to pressure others into wanting as well.
For a long time these systems were limited to binary: 1 and 0 , they don’t process “gates.” 
A third option, in other words.
They’ve figured out the quantum part of the decision making algorithms but they haven’t cracked the psychology of, or fine tuned the time tested and proven propaganda and manipulation tactics that still count on people being stuck on fighting between two choices.
And that is probably one of many reasons that things are going to hell in a hand basket and these people don’t know what to do other than, continue to try to force or nudge you in one specific direction towards one specific goal, while overloading you with a bunch of irrelevant nonsense and drama that makes you lose sight of debating the pros and cons of your options, as their tactics require no further thought than , “pick this option or you ….”  “are a NAZI,” lol.
Look up “amygdala hijack” to see what the propaganda / msm’s PRIMARY goal is in this society.
It’s to keep you from seeing that your “timeline” consists of infinite slivers around you, reflecting the choices you make that affect your life, that affect others, and where you come together and share your experiences and converge:
This system, this amagdyla hijack paradigm is intentionally structured to make you too overwhelmed to see the potentials in front of you, surrounding you, and flowing through you.
To stressed out to remember the details or debate the pros and cons of the central issues that actually do need to be looked into.
To forget , that you are in control and choose your own outcomes.
Trauma victims have black or white thinking. The more traumatized, stressed out, afraid, and at odds with each other — the more favorably we respond to that black or white, all or nothing thinking and programming.
Who is the man who shoves conflict and division into “open societies” and takes advantage of them by betting against them financially in the process?
To add insult to injury, when we are already so traumatized and at odds with each other, their petty thugs and brown shirts threaten us with violence and incarceration or loss and deprivation , isolation , etc if we make the “wrong choices.”
Just like Hitler’s people did before and after they “adjudicated” (invalidated) 3 million ballots with the “incorrect” vote in their Fuhrer’s “undisputed” victory in November of 1933.
I already quoted something about economic shock tests , like manufactured / artificial shortages (“toilet paper and hand sanitizer”) ,  grocery stores deliberately dialing down orders to drive scarcity, etc.
Your cultural shock tests are: Can they turn blacks against whites, whites against blacks , blacks or whites against “Asians,” and who can they scapegoat for it?
Your cultural shock tests are: Can they turn society so insane they’d threaten to dehumanize, unperson, or harm each other for pulling the wrong lever in a ballot box , instead of no longer “seeing things differently” ?
This is one of the reasons I don’t trust “Trump.”
He’s either in on this , or blind to the perils of the peoples asses he kisses, and exactly as big of an idiot as you said he was. Although perhaps I feel so for other reasons than you do. What does it matter?
When the media and government are trying to shove these purity tests and all or nothing so called societal issues on you, I theorize that a disaster has more than likely been averted almost every time we have told them to go fuck themselves.
It’s possible that some algorithm or person decided if event X never happened, even worse event Y would happen ; but it’s not like they’re ever going to explain the choices they make or try to misrepresent or pressure you into. They will apparently lie endlessly about what the fuck even happened, or didn’t happen
And eventually it all comes crashing down because without fail the truth ALWAYS comes out in the wash.
The fucked up part about it is that they’re going to fuck with events, decisions, laws, etc to get the outcome they wanted anyway,  we are just spinning our wheels.
Turn your back on imaginary problems and set your mind on things you’re interested in and curious about.
If you’re not following along, im sure you’ve heard this saying:
“When one door closes, another one opens.”
Let me ask you a question:
“What if they’re both still open?”
If your leaders are so drunk or senile or coked out, or foolish, or incompetent that they need to rely on garbage AI that makes even worse decisions than THEY do; then it’s time to unplug them both. 
They hate the rally chants such as those of Hitler and Trump, nothing makes the hair stand up on the backs of their necks more than hearing the people screaming for the exact same thing in unison.
The game of seesaw, where their confused and stressed out subjects ride the teeter totter and mindlessly taunt each other as they bounce up and down on it: 
“am not!” “are too!” “am not!” “are too!” 
.. is the metronome that is as soothing to their ears as the rain is to you and I.
.. is the cadence of division and conflict and confusion that puts them to sleep, knowing that you’re all still asleep as well.
… and that all is well in their world as they continue on with the invisible agenda where they neither solicit nor give a fuck about your opinion of it.

America the .. mostly Horrible

America broke every promise it has ever made, whether to its own people in its constitution or its bill of rights , or in its treaties with Mexico, Canada, and/or sovereign nations “tribes” within its own borders. 
They don’t like the fact that my ancestors and their descendants have free reign to cross between US and Canada because that pisses all over their little “passport program,” and I do not consent to anyone waiving that or entering an agreement on my behalf. 
I am a descendent of Chief No Runner of the Piegan / Piikani bands of what is now the Blackfoot Tribe and I certainly have more blood quantum than the 1/1024 that put Liz Warren through college, life, and a legal and political career that brought her more power and wealth than I will ever know by pretending she’s one of us.
My mother was born before that stupid fucking rule, which only exists to dilute our claims , such as those I already mention , as well as those in their treaties with neighboring nations enjoining the United States from “forcing natives to relocate” , established in Guadalupe Hildago without the consent , participation, or agreement of said natives.
And then subsequently abrogated, and/or nullified five years later in Gadsden, again without the consent , participation, or agreement of said natives.
Considering that a great part of the territories, which, by the present treaty, are to be comprehended for the future within the limits of the United States, is now occupied by savage tribes
Said “savage tribes” are not parties to these treaties. And for the most part, Mexico has simply released ITSELF from specific claims under these treaties, but not any claims of US citizens and/or “natives.”
So here’s the situation 150+ years later — the US has conspired and contrived to make the claims of “US citizens” superior to those pesky natives , just sitting there occupying and defending their own land.
While also chipping away at any rights I might claim to have as a descendent of said natives. 
Okay, well the thing about that, which apparently they didn’t put a lot of thought into is that I am undeniably, unquestionably, legally a US citizen.

The Blackfeet’s second constitution was enacted in 1962 during JFK’s term. And remind me again, what exactly did JFK warn you about?

And what might stand in the way of those plans?
A lot of things including , well, JFK himself — and if you need evidence of bad faith here look what happened to him.

But other things that I think are obvious whether or not you ever consider them ; ie tribal sovereignty and unimpeded access to cross the border without your fucking permission or a digital vaccine passport.

Systematically, every single one of these things has been chipped away at and eroded in just 2 to 3 generations. None of this is, or ever has been, by accident.

The answer , isn’t to tear these treaties and promises and protections and safeguards in half and burn the pages, and then encroach on us even further than you already have. 
Apparently that is what “Build Back Better” means to Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Destroy everything and start over with shitty new rules that him and his handlers prefer.
Mexico released itself from claims under article 6 in Guadalupe Hidalgo both by ceding land and expressly nullifying that article in the Gadsden treaty, which is why I don’t think anyone has (yet) proposed that Mexican citizens have the ability to file claims for the United States’ mass deportation policies. They might have claims in the event of a substantial enough default that challenges Guadalupe Hidalgo or Gadsden in whole or in part.
One such clause under Guadalupe Hidalgo , is that the US will not close churches or enjoin people in the ceded territory from practicing worship— things that Gavin Newsom has done in California. I don’t see a line anywhere in the treaty that nullifies clauses that Nancy Pelosi’s nephew doesn’t like, or aren’t in line with his personal ambitions, agendas, or vendettas.
But beyond that,  claims of Mexico and Mexicans are in some cases nullified while others are expressly reaffirmed.
I’m of the opinion that the US had no right to convey anything binding on natives , whether so-called “rights” or restrictions, in the first place in Guadalupe Hidalgo (technically extended by Mexico) let alone subsequently strike any “rights” pertaining to natives that the US found inconvenient for their land grab ambitions under the original treaty (so called rights or protections now technically rescinded by the United States in keeping with their overall history of dealing with tribes in bad faith and bad conscience) just 5 years after the original treaty was established.
Bluntly, while I’m simultaneously related to and removed from the US Blackfeet, I’m not culturally compatible with or comfortable with the people who raised me or the communities in which I primarily grew up, and much of that was painful enough that I simply don’t long to find somewhere else that I don’t belong.
However I’m concerned that a “98% vaccination rate” of the Blackfoot Nation has been a priority for this administration. 
Two months after NBC declared that a “success,” the Nation has been experiencing “breakthrough cases” and has implemented further covid related protocols / restrictions to address the outbreaks. How do you propose “blaming the unvaccinated” in a 98% vaccinated population? 
If 98% of a population isn’t enough to “stop the pandemic”  then we are in a lot of trouble and need to go back to the drawing board immediately. These questions need to be asked and answered, not censored and ignored while the feds, doctors, and nurses step over our vaccinated bodies.
This comes with recent information that down on the southern border, the Phoenix Indian Medical Center continues administering vaccines, watching Hispanic and/or Indian people die or go into heart failure from said vaccines — I’m sorry I don’t know which manufacturer or brand(s) are allegedly involved  , because that facility is by its own admission willfully and negligently failing to report this mandated information to VAERS.  I might be able to answer that if they had simply fulfilled their legal , ethical, professional, and/or regulatory obligations.
I don’t speak for the tribes and perhaps this will be a once in a lifetime thing where I deign or decide to speak up on issues pertaining to them but I wish to raise awareness and sound the alarm that “they’re doing this shit again.”
I’m not in this for gibs or the kind of free “healthcare” aka willful genocide you get from the likes of the Phoenix Indian Medical Center, if you saw that in the news or perhaps on your state representatives Twitter this week.
But I have some long-standing concerns , along with some new and escalating ones — such as recorded statements from FDA bureaucrats threatening to disregard and/or violate my bodily autonomy with imported “rain forest” mercenaries who would blow “neck darts” of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine at me if given the opportunity.
This FDA bureaucrat, Taylor Lee, slurs drunkenly on camera that it’s harmless to forcibly administer Johnson and Johnson upon people who have already received other covid vaccines, including mRNA based covid vaccines already.
Does anyone have a – you know , a clinical trial or study establishing long term efficacy or side effects profile from combining these products? No, you don’t. And you know why you don’t? Because these are all still under EUA and you can’t even provide that information with regard to taking ONE vaccine by ITSELF.
He proposed lying and telling recipients that it’s a “vitamin C shot.”
So okay, if you’re lying about administering these drugs or sneaking up on people with “neck darts,” what are the implications of — unknowingly, with no records or consent or knowledge even on my own part — doing this to me, I don’t know.. twice ? or six times in one day?
And you work for the fucking FDA, brainlet.
These people are fucking sick and insaner than I am.
If that sounds far fetched, look no further than Joseph Biden himself publicly threatening to violate my freedom of travel and movement, assured to me via treaty, and / or to violate my bodily autonomy via federal policies or tyrannical “Presidential” edicts and unlawful orders.
I’m looking at these circumstances as being constructively forced to relocate from the Gadsden area to another country, and I don’t have any patience for this bullshit. 
Gadsden may have nullified Mexico’s claims but I don’t see where it nullifies the claims of US citizens or even the natives — so called “Savages” in the original document, which acknowledges that we are established inhabitants of the territory, gives us certain rights in Hidalgo Guadalupe without consulting us, and then rescinds those same rights under Gadsden— again without consulting us.
Preposterously, said treaties purport to have God himself as a signatory, observer, or participating party. But again, not the natives who are extended alleged rights in Hidalgo, and then have those rights subsequently nullified in Gadsden. I’m sure glad you invited “God” to that discussion, America. /s
Despite the nullification of article 6 in Guadalupe Hidalgo , Article 4 of the Gadsden purchase treaty says “The vessels, and citizens of the United States shall, in all time, have free and uninterrupted passage through the Gulf of California, to and from their possessions situated north of the boundary line of the two countries, It being understood that this passage is to be by navigating the Gulf of California and the river Colorado, and not by land, without the express consent of the Mexican government.” 

To and from, does not mean a one way, one time only ticket. There is no expiration date on this clause. It says “in all time,” FREE and UNINTERRUPTED.
Sort of like the 2nd amendment says “shall not be infringed,” it’s not like that’s ever stopped you before.
While I do not need Mexico or the US’s permission to make my journey via these waterways, and I think they’ve built a few dams to make that difficult to impossible in any event, it explicitly says in the treaty that my journey can also be by land with Mexico’s permission.
I am a citizen of the United States however I have permission to reside or remain in Mexico (and/or cross the Mexican territory by land or whatever other means are practical) by means of legal residency in Mexico. 
Therefore it can be reasonably inferred that I do, in fact, have the express consent of the Mexican government to cross the Mexican territory by land; as stipulated in Gadsen.
For what it’s worth, Mexico might stop and search or question you, or record your vehicle or passport number at its discretion, as you travel within their territory. It’s their country, their laws, their policies .. my understanding is that under the current social contract, so long as you cooperate and are not in possession of contraband or violation of Mexican law, they do not stop you from continuing your journey into the US at the present time. So as a matter of policy and social contract, we already have their informal consent to return to the US by land at the present time.
But again, with residency I have their explicit consent.
My statement has nothing to do with what Mexico does within its own territory. This is 100% about what the US does to its citizens and tribes inside its boundaries.
The Gadsden treaty provides me the right to enter the ceded territory and “continue my journey to and from my possessions north of the boundary line.” 
As for Joe Biden’s ambitions to restrict my freedom of movement, interstate travel,  or continuing my journey “to and from my possessions north of the boundary line” – by imposing conditions such as involuntarily administered “medical treatment,” “vaccination “ or let’s call it what it is , “being deemed sufficiently compliant with their totalitarian social control agenda, or arbitrary scores and grades on their perception of my compliance with that agenda as reflected in an arbitrary so-called social credit score”, as a condition of entering the ceded territory or traveling to my possessions north of the boundary; as established by Gadsden.
There is no ASTERISK on the rights conveyed by this treaty, or any other treaties / compacts they may have entered into with sovereign entities on US soil.

Mexico has a diplomatic policy of not publicly commenting on the foreign affairs of others , for the most part , but in any event my rights are established as a US citizen and my claim(s) fall to the US government for a situation unfolding within the United States.
My claims originate from a treaty established between the United States and Mexico so you could say that this is unusual. I am not wrapping myself in the constitution or various other legal documents these people can be counted on to hiss and bare their fangs at.
Again, while Mexico ceded and nullified some of the articles under Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Gadsden treaty expressly reaffirmed others – or even established specific rights of citizens of the United States, while simultaneously nullifying the rights of Indians in the ceded territory such as those I have mentioned here.
There are no exceptions in the treaty such as “for your own good” or “because some high strung busybody bitch on Reddit , or a python script pretending to be a real person on Twitter said so” or “building back better without any of those darn pesky and aggravating treaty obligations” — whether under Gadsden or other tribal treaties — which in some cases extend US citizens (Gadsden) AND /or natives (tribal treaties) the right to cross the boundaries established between the United States and its neighboring nations. 
There are others , I haven’t even reviewed , concerning the tribes in Arizona or elsewhere on either side of the US/Mexico border , and what I understand to be THEIR rights to travel between Mexico and the US. 
Similar to what the Blackfeet have in place to travel between Canada and the US.
Do you see how this is “inconvenient” for proponents of so called digital or vaccine passports?
Whether or not this is related , we now know that PIMC is most eager to inject, murder, and sweep the deaths of our southern counterparts “underneath the rug” as PIMC’s own medical staff put it in a video released by Project Veritas this week.
I’m angry about the many promises the USA has broken to its people, its tribal nations, its neighbors, and the world — the fucked up thing is, no one is going to bat an eye or wake up or even fucking complain about any of this until they break one last “promise”— their national / sovereign debt.
America broke almost every single promise to every single person or institution it has ever been beholden to,  except for the bankers.
And then, oh, now that defaulting on their debt is on the table? NOW we have a fucking problem?
Can a corporation — and I don’t necessarily mean the US itself. I am familiar with that claim, but how do I or how does anyone verify something that is allegedly a “secret?” — I am referring to its very not secret, very blatant, and at this point very openly operating corporate proxies, NGOs, etc who are sharpening their knives and waiting for us to collapse or drop dead — can any of these even be a party or a LEGAL SUCCESSOR to a treaty? 
In my estimation: Fuck no.
Whether we like it or not, I suppose this land is your land and this land is my land.
But this land ain’t their land.

The Twilight Zone

Reunited with my car. Sort of.

Someone stole my cargo cover and some of my tools. I barely even got a mile up the road before I got hit with a $2000MXN mordida by the puercos.

Dirty fuckers, enjoy my pound of flesh , I won’t spend another cent in your town on so much as gasoline.

Gotta say, I never got along with certain “anarchists” because I’m into the principle of non aggression and while we fundamentally agree on PROBLEMS there are many other ways we aren’t aligned; it’s too bad , we could have been such friends ; yet I find myself angrily mumbling “ACAB, 1 2 1 3” all the way home.

Not gonna lie, it’s catchy.

I like the “joy joy joy joy joy joy joy” one too.

The paths of doing something — or whatever is necessary (moderate/middle path), doing absolutely nothing (conservatism) , and doing way too much (extremism) are better defined and explained by Muslims of all people.

You could say that I’m a moderate, that there are a lot of people who are no longer in my life because they’re extremists ; and that I am not an extremist. I listen to you people, I’m an ordained minister for fucks sake albeit not a very good one OR one without my own demons — it’s my lot in life to listen to you and hold your experiences or pain in my hands with you … but from what I understand, my crime is daring to see you and listen to you and yet to see things differently than you do.

Watch out for — no, run like HELL from — the ones who crow about how perfect and spiritual and holy they are, I see you, STAN.

“Amazing Grace” was about a man who was lost, a man who was blind, an absolute WRETCH who was saved— saved from what, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “singing too loudly in the damn choir.”

What price am I willing to pay for “thinking differently,” Tim Cook?


I didn’t even make it to city limits before the RPM dropped to zero and it wouldn’t go even with the pedal to the floor.

The insurance company has fucked me, nitpicked me, delayed and denied me and not paid a cent.

I have “roadside assistance” that promised a tow would show up within “240 minutes” and then refused to respond for the next 7 days as I slept in my 100 degree car two hours from town.

I ended up hitchhiking two hours to the next town , that’s how I met trucker bro. Now we’ve had a blast hanging out and drinking; him shouting along to El Hurizache on the radio and chucking beer cans out the window while he’s holding my hand guiding me through the 10-speed manual transmission in a 24,000 pound vehicle drunk off my ASS. I am smitten and I am having a blast and I wouldn’t give this experience back to the universe for anything. But YO , when will my car be fixed??

I have “insurance” that gaslit me and said “you just need an oil pan bro, and that’s less than your deductible so we aren’t fixing your car.”

“Oil pan,” my ass. You could see daylight through the damned engine block.

Then after all this the broker tried throwing my policy fine print in my face, that they won’t pay unless I take it to “their approved shop.”

Ah ha, you dirty fuckers I got you… this IS YOUR APPROVED SHOP that the insurer said I “have to” use. I responded and told them it is their approved shop and that if you want to throw my policy language in my face it ALSO says you’ll fix my FUCKING car if I am in a hurricane or a flood or have a fire or hit an object on the road — all of which happened on the same day.

For its final act , the car started on fire when a rock took out the oil pan. I love gays. Everything we do is so … flamboyant and dramatic!

This car is fucked. ¡A la verga!, okayyyyy?

That got me a “please obtain two quotes, Mr. ____”

So okay, it has a junkyard motor in it now .. it runs it drives, it has a check engine light, it misfires , the throttle control and mass air flow sensor and computer are all flood damaged.. dude I am on a temporary tag and they’re not going to register my car in Arizona with all these problems.

How do we know your car wasn’t already like this?

Because I had a brand new clutch and brakes installed on September 9th, not even 12 hours before the hurricane rolled in … my car was flawless and spotless here’s the mechanics number , assholes.

I asked them , why would you even suggest repairing a flood and fire damaged car? There is not a fucking PLANET or a REALITY in which an “oil pan” or even a BRAND NEW ENGINE will ever make THIS car right again.

And they would have tried to fuck me and deny payment if I’d gone to the shop that was $7,000 MXN cheaper but not “Muh Approved Shop.”

Their “approved shop” bent and knicked my water pump pulley. I made it about 30 minutes away before it shredded my alternator belt.

So glad your “approved shop” can do PAPERWORK but not fix a fucking car properly.

I looked at some of their “approved shop’s” finished cars and i swear on three dead white men that a cross-eyed kindergartener would have done a better paint job with CRAYONS.

They thought they had me and were going to wiggle out of paying but now I have it in writing that they DEMANDED I use this particular shop, so they’re going to….. pay until my car is the EXACTLY the way it was on the morning of 9/10/2021.

IF the car even fucking makes it out of town let alone out of the country because so far, it’s ZERO FOR TWO, trying to even leave town before it broke down.

I’d just bought this car in August, sigh. My F-150 was a piece of shit but it probably would have survived the hurricane.

And besides that , I hated that fucking thing so much that if it did get flooded or start on fire I would have just shouted “¡A LA VERGA!” and left that godawful piece of shit in the bushes like an empty beer can.

I know this is a first world Karen problem but, girl, I am so fucking pissed off right now. They are going to remediate “their approved shop’s” sloppy and overpriced work AND they’re going to pay for the hotel too.

Purple Rain

You were gone from me before I knew it
You were standing in the purple rain, 
and I blew it. 💔
“When there’s blood in the sky – red and blue = purple… purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain.” — Prince

Uncomfortable truth


covid was an act of war perpetrated against american citizens — and the world — by a uniformed , commissioned , ranked , service branch of the united states government- to wit, the United States Public Health Service which controls or is perhaps controlled by Dr Faucis NIH – they funded and created this monster – as well its its public propaganda arm. the CDC. 

DARPA also funds this shit, and they created Facebook aka darpa lifelog. Is it a coincidence that the same people responsible for this bioterrorism are the same people who forbid you from talking about it, flag your posts as misinformation, and/or unperson you for it?

Facebook has too much power, to be directly connected to these government perpetrators, while also serving as their ministry of truth

And if this kind of bullshit right here isn’t GLOBAL corporate fascism brought to you by billionaire pukes then I don’t fucking know what the fuck is:

The one thing you fucking shills will never do, is blame the goblins who created and unleashed this shit… again .. and again … and again. 

I admire friends who speak truth, and speak their truth to power ; but I don’t respect some of the cases where they speak the lies of the power to empower the power.

google for HIV and ivermectin or HIV and HCQ and you will learn that we knew in 1995 that HCQ reduced HIV viral load. but they werent trying to hear that shit until Atripla hit the market in 2006. 

Information about ivermectin being an N1 nuclear inhibitor came out in 2012 but you didn’t hear a word about that, did you?

AIDS was supposed to be the covid scenario under Jimmy Carter when the georgia guidestones went up and ted turner sat in his office jacking off to his fantasy about playing nearer my god to thee on CNN as the entire world perished. 

They recruited “promiscuous” volunteers and put aids , or at a minimum, SV40 or a modified derivative of SV40 in the hepatitis b vaccines in san francisco in 1978. (mirror link: )

20-40% of the study developed AIDS.

aids was deadly all god damn right. 32 million dead. it SHOULD be extremely informative that it wasnt as deadly or as big of a crisis as they wanted in 1980.

Back up a little:

In 1960, it was discovered that Simian Virus 40 (SV40) contaminated up to 30% of the poliovirus vaccines (manufactured by Merck) in the US. SV40 is believed by Merck and others to be a predecessor to aids just like those hep b vaccines, but they are afraid of liability. 
And so, if aids isn’t a modified/GoF SV40 or lab created as some of us have long suspected , then  aids may be a so called superbug of SV40, or a lab modified SV40. SV40 is latent and causes tumors and cancer; it’s possible that aids is a so called superbug arising from enough people with an otherwise latent SV40 fucking each other — or fucking someone who has. 
You want to know something cool? 
Ivermectin acts on SV40, too. 

You’d think by now, Tony Fauci’s NIH ; or Merck, or someone would have said something about this by now. They’ve probably known for at least 40-60 years. 
Tony wants to have this great legacy about HIV, right? 
So why the fuck am I the one telling you about any of this ?

Remember swine flu from 1976? 

Same pandemic as 1918. 

The 1918 pandemic originated at Camp Funston in Kansas. (mirror link )

Believe it or not, the same illness as the 1918 pandemic re-emerged 58 years later in 1976 at Fort Dix this time and infected 330 soldiers. 

You may have heard of Fort Detrick, where all the anthrax that was mailed to congress a few years back came from — but I bet you didn’t know about those other outbreaks on military installments.

It’s the fact that patient zero for shit like this is almost always on a US military installment or in one of their BSL-4 labs , that makes us some of us speculate as to whether they’re creating this shit maliciously and/or on purpose.

Once… okay. 

Twice … okay … 

Three fucking times , and you need to be shut down and lose your job.

You have to wonder: 1) Do these military dudes on bases get it from early trials of vaccinating them for planned bio weapons? 2) Was HIV a failed attempt at curing or vaccinating for SV40? And 3) kind of on the same track, Luc Montagnier has claimed that “covid” is a failed attempt at curing or vaccinating for HIV. I find that worth mentioning but way out of scope for this post.

Ok, H1N1: a year later, in 1977, after it had circulated throughout the population its branded the “russian h1n1” that they blamed on russia/northern china. 

Which both countries vehemently denied. 

Sound familiar ?

Did You Know: Tony Fauci has worked for the USPHS since at least the 1960s.

History doesnt always repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. all the plagues for Carter’s NWO agenda womp-womp’ed. and so will the corona shit, they played their full hand of cards.

Lol at boomers who say Carter was one of the good presidents. 

Some of the “victims” were probably elites who got the vaccine or antidote. They .. probably … hopefully .. made the same mistake. Black eye club? Whats that thing on your tongue? kaposis sarcoma. dementia what? couldnt have happened to nicer fucking people. now you know what its like to be told you deserve to die from your plagues.

Believe what you want: Either milions of people died because HCQ and ivermectin werent profitable enough to pursue in 1995.. or you can swallow that horseshit in the dallas buyers club that says the MEAN OLD FDA wouldnt give the gays their toxic ass AZT no matter how hard we stomped our feet and begged and cried.

If you believe that horseshit story, im sorry, but okay. did you learn anything from it? Ivermectin is cheap and over the counter, no questions asked in almost every fucking country on the planet except for yours. Whether it does shit for covid is up for debate, but AZT was a chemotherapy drug that not only didnt work on cancer but also didnt work on HIV. So fuck you and fuck that movie if you weep for pallets of unsold AZT and yet cheer on the current bans on ivermectin and HCQ in the USA.

Fuck all of this this “i hope you die from the virus” and “i hope you die from the vaccine” bullshit. 

if you still give a fuck about skin color or race in 2021, lets trade lives because you obviously dont have any real fucking problems. even after the last two nightmarish seasons of clown world.

By the way. HCQ induces apoptosis in non-naive t-cells (meaning cells that are exposed to HIV, cancer, or other mutations. your body only sees two types: CD45RA and CD45RO. apoptosis is when your body places an X across one of those cells.. like marking a tree that needs to be felled) and nicotine INHIBITS apoptosis 

(preventing your immune system from doing its job and marking those cells for deletion. Nicotene cancels out HCQ.)

Since nicotine inhibits apoptosis, the reason you get cancer from smoking, is because 1) you have mutated cells from smoking; and 2) your natural process of marking them for deletion is inhibited by nicotine. Nicotine probably makes you more susceptible to HIV , covid etc, because on the off chance you would have nuked a mutated or infected cell— nicotine inhibits that.

Ivermectin is an entry/fusion inhibitor that works on most single stranded RNA viruses. Whereas most HIV drugs on the market allow cell infection but then tamper with the replication cycle inside of the cell. they can still spawn off copies of infected cells and reproduce that way. thats why protease and integrase inhibitors dont cure you.

The reason ivermectin is an anti parasitic and an antiviral , I think is the same: in parasites it interferes with their GABA receptors and more or less paralyzes them. I suspect it does the same thing to the single stranded RNA “viruses.”

So viruses are more or less too fucking stoned to infect a cell. 

The theory of kick and kill , is to induce apoptosis and kill non naive tcells. 

One problem with that — and a reason I don’t like HCQ — is cytokine storms  , dead cells migrate to your lungs and more or less suffocate you. Nebulizing ivermectin may help , and quickly in this case. That’s one reason many of you coughed so much during seroconversion.

Rather than focusing on inducing apoptosis and killing the cells, what would you send after those single stranded RNA proteins to mop them up while you’re using an entry / fusion inhibitor like ivermectin ?

IF they are similar to parasites, as in, ivermectin fucks with their GABA receptors, then are they susceptible to , I don’t know. Albendazole or febendazole?

ivermectin is an N1 nuclear inhibitor

“Vpr also plays an important role in another property of HIV-1 that is unusual for a retrovirus –  its ability to enter the nucleus of a nondividing cell.”

^ versus protease inhibitors that allow the virus to enter the nucleus of a cell (N1 nuclear import)   The problem with allowing cell infection with vpr1/hiv , is these cells once infected CANNOT undergo mitosis and make healthy uninfected copies of themselves. This in a nutshell is the very nature of what HIV illness is. I am thinking it superior to inhibit nuclear import , what will happen when these cells can divide / undergo mitosis ?

Older people have a finite number of t-cells, im not sure about inducing apoptosis in otherwise healthy people on a sustained or long term basis proohylactically with HCQ. Or taking HCQ “just because.”

Word of warning about ivermectin: it’s not something anyone should be taking 7 days a week.

This isn’t medical advice. I am however concerned about people taking HCQ or ivermectin off the internet and not talking to a doctor or anyone besides Dr. /Pol/ 

As for the medical industry, and anyone who allegedly regulates them in America — they have squarely earned their mistrust and suspicion.

With contempt, from Mexico.


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