People get sick and die every solar minimum about every 10 years it’s why they have UN agendas around plagues and alleged disease for 2012 2020 2030 and 2040 , so they can pretend they know what is happening ; and pretend they have a “solution” which always seems to call for more and more and more and more money and authoritarian surveillance, control, and curtailment of movement assembly and speech.

Have you ever wondered why negative interest rates and digital currency are soooooooo important to the field of “epidemology” ?

If you haven’t, welcome.

You have arrived.

Start wondering.

War and Peace – Almost every society hits a tipping point with its “creditors” and when the “creditors” are another nation, said societies tend to slaughter those “creditors” under the pretext of war.

Usually it is the USA and her allies doing this bullshit, but this time it is China and her allies doing it to you. The USA’s inability to pay its debt and bondholders and blackmailers is fast upon us. Trump had his tariff wars , which resulted in retaliation to fuck our JIT systems and push us over the edge with increasingly worthless currency in ample supply ; and a rapidly growing scarcity of goods.

The silent cold war we are all suffering from while our government lies to us about the true nature of the conflict, who is responsible for it, and/or what they plan to do about it — this is about who holds the purse strings and control the currency.

To put it one way, Lindsay Graham and Chairman Xi are fighting over the purse.

Xi is probably rightfully pissed off about his polluted water and blood and soil from your industrial waste. Lindsay is crying “but the purse matches my lipstick!”

And here we are today.

You need to understand this: I don’t have an opinion about Xi or China. I’ve never been there , and I do not read much about them. In China, I would not be permitted to research or discuss that issue or write anything about solving it. Much like I am not permitted to research or discuss or write anything about such issues on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and their ilk. And this is the world that some of you seem to think that you want to live in.

(OTOH I have been to Moscow.. which is one of my favorite cities… and at one time I spoke a negligible amount of long-since-forgotten Russian. I would not have returned , if not for the fact that they seem to have stricter immigration policies than the USA.)

In other cases, the “creditors” are actually the citizens of that society. Whether it is the volatile , restless, politically awakened masses putting more and more pressure on the system to demand their basic needs be met ; whether it is the elderly in nursing homes and/or on medicare, medicaid putting a strain on the budget ; or whether it is a state such as Illinois which is and always has been run for no other reason for the benefit of its own state workers — who can no longer afford to pay the pension obligations they were promised for their decades of service… well, this inevitably becomes a dark moment in history because they promise to pay all of these things but mark my words they slaughter these creditors — “we the people” — just as readily too.

But Joe and Nancy say you are a bad bad bad person for filing bankruptcy, it must be harder to file a case; it must be harder to discharge certain categories of debt such as student loans ; you must wait longer to file another case if it isnt your first.

You must pay your bills to their stakeholders.

But when it is time to get yours, the nursing home residents get snuffed ; you get snuffed ; the pensioners don’t get anything.

On to the pretext for these deaths:

We get dna breakage during solar minimums.

You can (probably) repair this due to alternate telomerase lengthening.

Most colds, flus, aids, covid, etc are an immune reaction to telomerase activity and this is literally a fact supported by respectable researchers. If you are into that.

I am here to draw your attention to things that we already know, and that you need to know if you don’t already.

If you think MY explanation is ridiculous, check some of THEIRS out, they claim that these new plagues and microbes come from “outer space” (whatever that is even supposed to mean) and break through while we have increased UV exposure during these cycles.

The elites , I suspect, took mRNA vaccines and gave themselves aids and broke their telomerase repair ability forever that’s why they do chemtrails and block the sun and hide in their bunkers– they fucked up and they cannot repair their broken DNA during the solar minimum cycles.

Vaccinations for what?

“A bioweapon,” I presume.

Which bioweapon? You should ask DARPA or Fauci that question. I only ever found one person who attempted to answer my question about what happened during some of those “plague” and “pandemic” outbreaks at military bases that would later be blamed on “swine flu” and “russia” and “china” in 1976/1977.

That would be one Eustace Mullins, who says (among other things) the United States infected soldiers with “vaccines” and then deployed them as literal human bioweapons in his book “Murder by Injection: The Story Of the Medical Conspiracy Against America” (1988)

The SPL-Seethe calls him a “anti semite,” “white supremacist,” “conspiracy theorist” etc. I do not agree. You see, right there in that stuffy old book the Jews are always seething about it says “thou shalt not kill” so if you kill, you do not follow god’s law. You will see me repeatedly defer respectfully to Hebrews who are obedient to the god of Abraham; and note (with GLOWING references from the community) that I do not have (and have never had) very nice things to say about ANYONE who hides behind or weaponizes god, religion, or so called “spirituality” while they engage in murder or spiritual abuse which is murder of the living soul. You can download his book here, because fuck the SPLC.

The SPL-Seethe (a Rockefeller / pharmajew attack pet) has nothing to say about William Avery “Devil Bill” Rockefeller Sr, a con artist who identified himself as a “botanic physician” and sold elixirs using the alias “Dr. William Levingston”.

Google for the “black eye club” and “hillarys tongue” and now look up “kaposi’s sarcoma”

Theyre dying and these are the kind of people who go “if I can’t have the world, neither can you.” What else can you expect from the personality types that are typically drawn to public office?

Fauci knows it’s why he takes vitamin D.

Vitamin D for me – $500,000,000,000 in “vaccines” for thee.

Fauci knows a lot of things. Like how Merck contaminated 30% of the polio vaccines with SIV. But go ahead keep listening to that “african bush meat” story.

It’s why we had “aids deaths” around 1980 and another wave around 1990 which they explained as the “7-10 year time it takes to develop full blown aids”

Clinton changed the definition of AIDS in 1993.

PCP pneumonia, which turns your lungs to jelly, is (among other things) a byproduct of hydrogen peroxide you create while you are killing free radicals.

“Vape lung” was the cover story for the HIV negative people experiencing this in 2020.

“Vitamin E” ? No, try again. The soil the water the blood in Wuhan has the highest recorded levels (31,000) of Dupont’s forever chemicals in the entire world. So do the fish at the nearby “wet market.” If you want to know more, keep reading.

Or if you ain’t got time for that shit,

Teriyaki bat soup, my ass.

I am not the fucking quack or crazy person. They are.

And if I am crazy, it’s probably from a combination of everyone’s bullshit propaganda and lies which are vomit inducing in and of themselves combined with whatever the fuck they put in the water that turns the fucking frogs gay.

And while your body works frantically to expel that hydrogen peroxide they say, here mask up and suck the peroxide back in.


As your body works to expel carbon dioxide, you go drink another 60 ounces of that shit at the soda fountain. But Coca Cola has more important things to worry about than that, like riding the BBC carousel in their C-Suite.

You either adapt/evolve during these times or die.

Some people are more carbon than silica based.


When the old guard dies earth will go 5d/gaia

It’s why they rape kids and marry young, to perpetuate their defective genetics that won’t be compatible with the new world

We survive plagues due to genetic biodiversity their melting pot interracial agenda is to make us more universally susceptible to their plagues

This one failed

Dear sipapu cleanse this wicked world of anything that does not belong here even if I am one of those things

Fuck digital warriors be a digital jihadi. Leave an IED (improvised educational device) on the side of the information superhighway.

You can build an improvised educational device with commonly available household materials such as a computer and internet connection. Or in some rare cases, you can deploy a highly regulated; illegal; tightly controlled tracked and monitored weapon of mass destruction such as a working human brain – if you can find one on Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerburg’s carefully cultivated “mommy tell me what to be outraged about today” circle jerks.

I explain this and more.

A diagram of “Our Democracy” ™. They say “Dangerous to Our Democracy(tm) ” as if that were a bad thing.

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS to my co-authors:

Dr. /Pol/ and Professor /Pol/ , for their medical and historical insights.