i am a terrible person


i have said terrible things

i do not mean to intrude on your scene or to try to fill kylons high heels

(i love you, i miss you so much)

i just decided for one day, to search for racial justice, as hard as i spent a day searching for dope

carry on.

Here’s the story about Abraham Lincoln: Andrew Johnson had him murdered so that he could convert the United States to a corporation, which he accomplished in his second term ending in 1875.

“Lincoln had to preserve the union-“

No, he did not. The union wasn’t preserved.

So perhaps your state’s articles of incorporation or its constitution declare that the us constitution is the supreme law of the land, but that is only true of your state and if you want me to elaborate any further you WILL have to pay me.

It is, however, a one-sided agreement that your federal government openly and blatantly walked away from , for its own part, a long time ago. I am rephrasing this to acknowledge that some courts and judges strongly disagree with this and rule to uphold a state or the US constitution, but you will then note that the Supreme Court rejects a lot of these appeals or overturns a lot of rulings now. Some Federal court districts laugh and wipe their asses with your flag and your constitution.

The states themselves are not parties to the treaties.

If corporations are people, and corporations are sovereign nations too, then why are people not sovereign nations? (this one is sarcasm. sorry, corporate fascism arrived in 1871, embodied by the unholy rockfeller trinity you defend so dearly. No, I am not an “anti semite,” I am literally a synarchist and an anti-fascist.)

Obama may have seen to it that Smith-Mundt was repealed, but this in NO way releases publishers or the media or the government itself for damages or civil suits under 18 USC 241 Conspiracy to Deny Rights or 42 USC 1985 Conspiracy to Interfere With Civil Rights, this unprecedented collusion between public and private sector entities is extremely problematic and endangers civil liberties.

I am of the opinion you can do some damage by identifying a right or a civil right specified in the Code of Federal Regulations and then bring suit and allege damages under 18 USC 241 Conspiracy to Deny Rights or 42 USC 1985 Conspiracy to Interfere With Civil Rights, “to wit: ______________ as provided by Title X , Part X , Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)” and from this day forward I strongly encourage you to stop waiting to be saved by a president or a politician or someone on fucking TV and take matters into your own hands w/r/t civil rights. If you have a strong case for a fascist public/private/corporate conspiracy, sue them.

Think big: Denial of access to public accomodations and public transportation.

The prerogative of one business to have a certain policy or deny access to a customer aside, when 100 or 1000 or 10000 or 100000 or 1000000 businesses engage in a conspiracy with that fucking cunt Lori Lightfoot , for example, to deny access to their establishment if you do not consooooooom a vaccine or install a commercialized third party smartphone app that aims to track you or “score” your social acceptability or “compliance” with corporate fascism, globohomo tyranny, giving up your constitutional and civil rights freely voluntarily and/or of your own accord etc — it is no longer a private matter or the prerogative of that business, it is a conspiracy to deny access to public accommodations, transportation, neccesities.

I would never advise you to not pursue your grievances or litigate them but I am telling you there is a reason your cases get laughed out of court unless the basis of your claim is in the CFR (their “bible”) or pertains to international law or treaties.

I refuse to be called a “troll” or vexatious or frivolous party when the Arizona State Senate is literally threatening to shoot or drone brown and black people for no other reason than having dark skin and daring to approach US territory. It is I , who seeks to establish, whether that legislator is a “troll” or a war criminal.

I don’t even know why you would prefer such a reception or “humanitarian assistance” from the United States. Maybe I have a different take, I am someone who is perfectly happy laying on a mat on the ground at Haven for Hope, so I am of the opinion that the displaced and/or needy are treated far better by Mexico.

I double dog DARE the “woke” “multicultural” “diverse” corporations, media, and/or NGOs and government entities who have been pandering to gays minorities and persons of color in their propaganda, to call out Wendy Rogers or provide any coverage whatsoever of what I am doing. I am an aggravated gay man who doesn’t give a god damn what anybody thinks and I am calling your bullshit.