Sometimes it’s therapeutic to scream along with Linda Perry in the car :

“Oh my god, the bomb has just dropped- and everybody CLIMBED RIGHT ON TOP screaming , what a wonderful country-“

I have seen some of my content paraphrased by people I would have normally derisively referred to as brand builders . Decided I don’t care. If you waded through 100 topics and decided 99 were crazy bullshit but 1 was important enough to put out there then have at it. There is nothing more irritating than getting ignored by reporters who are chasing a hot story about a lady who is angry about her order at Burger King. Wake up. Wake others up. We’re good.

That is, unless the reason you’re doing that is because you are a politically correct twat, beholden to even more politically correct twats than you are. In which case I want even less to do with you, than you do with me.

Political correctness is a weapon of the oppressor , tool of the communists, ruiner of civilizations and societies , enemy of life, etc and I will claw at the fucking eyes of all persons and all things politically correct until the day I fucking die.