My motor blew the crankshaft seal and La Duena said “don’t you bring this car back to my house until it stops pissing oil everywhere, gringo!”

The Gringo is very sorry and he has been on his hands and knees with a wire brush and some degreaser, which pleases La Duena.

Traveling Mailbox’s outbound document management sucks so bad, I was going to have to manually sort through 20 tracking numbers in 20 emails and check the zip codes manually to fill out affidavits even if they hadn’t stuck 13 other documents in the wood chipper. I need to chill out and watch PACER for a few days and see what shows up in the docket and what doesn’t so I don’t annoy the clerk any more than I’m already going to just on account of being a pro-se rookie.

I’m not pulling a Laura Loomer here, I got this.

I kind of wanted to rebuild the block anyway.

Just not necessarily !!!!!!!!!!!RIGHT F***ING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!, kek.

I have money, whatever, I take their monopoly money and invest it in the Mexican economy or .. well, now I’m using it to sue them.

I don’t have four arms or two of me though.