Why does the caged bird sing? Why the hell wouldn't it?

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I will never give another single flying fuck what the television or internet say to me again. If I had my way they'd stick every single US politician on an ice floe and push them towards whatever country they actually represent.
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Reproduction , excerpting, broadcasting, or on-air reading of any of my content or images is expressly prohibited by CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner owned, affiliated , or related entities. These aforementioned entities may broadcast the following quote / comment provided it is not censored bleeped out or visually obscured in any way: "Fuck your life ruining fake fucking news you fucking fags."

I don’t clean up my old degen posting because:

1) It’s not for you, it’s for someone who is dying today and doesn’t believe god himself can stop them. 2) I’ll never get Jack Murphy’ed or blackmailed , kek 3) I still have, will always have a fk’ed sense of humor

“Amazing grace” was about a wretch who was saved. Not about a perfect shiny pretty person who didn’t need saving in the first place.

I'm not bothering with contact information or comments. Whoever you are, you had your chance and I don't take phone calls anymore.

Why does the caged bird sing? Why the hell wouldn't it?

"They don't want anybody around with the sight. If you have the gift and can see the demons, you can also kill them, very easily. Swear allegiance to the almighty and avoid sin and do his rituals, and you become a spiritual juggernaut. His good favor will make you glow with a golden light that burns hotter than the sun to demons. Witches hate people like that because they are born with a gift of sight that they themselves have to sell their souls to obtain, and they only ever get a cheap knockoff of the real deal in return, and when one of the truly gifted and blessed walks into the room, the witches are forced to close their third eye from the brilliance of the aura. When you submit fully to the almighty, your true power as a Son or Daughter of Adam awakens and you can crush Lucifer himself like a bug if he ever shows himself to you." -- mike

I’m going to go back to pondering problems no one else wants to because they are busy building their brands and clawing their way to the top of the scratching post and stabbing each other or whatever in the back. Again, if you serve politics , if you serve or idolize celebrity, you serve satan and I turn my back on that.

Muh authority muh clout muh- I could almost forget I was interested in health , water, etc …………………………. I will probably clean up that last post when I feel like being an adult again, don’t bother pressuring me about it. I never feel good about stuff like that and it never stays long. Anyone can be an asshole on the internet.

But not just anyone can work on or write about what I am interested in.

I am going to smoke a few cigarettes and kick it in the jungle and get the fuck off this toxic ass website again and think about China’s water crisis and pollution and what I would do about that. Like I said, I miss who I used to be and whatever else I have said about the orange bastard, I just want the world to stop killing itself too.

I am no victim or snowflake, I got a trucker mouth and a heart full of hate right now but I am not welcome on friendlier, safer spaces and I am a little too autistic to kick it in the unfiltered, unfriendlier, unsafe spaces. I can do lonely. If it is purposeful.

I can do lonely, if it is peaceful and I still make some time to be vigilant about the problems in this world and still find space to “enjoy god’s good earth as he intended” , which I’m not when I am around any of these people who still suck the red dick or the blue dick and still think there is a “political solution” to america.

i like this plan.. that involves .. just having a landline since cell service doesnt fucking work where i live anyway .. and being an even bigger recluse than i am

if there is anyone or anything about my life that i love or miss or need in it now,

thats not who is calling or writing me anymore.

i dont need to read the news anymore theyre about 6 months behind me

its not all bad news, i like my town and i like my life there

muy tranquilo

id tell you more about it but im not in the mood for company anymore

side note: this is kind of awkward and I am sure I won’t be missed on Gab, but I do not deal with people who pander to me with a rainbow and I do not deal with people who pander to me with a cross. The guys who who call themselves “groypers” are amusing and okay in my book and I can deal with almost any and every specimen of scum on this earth … except for that stupid willfully ignorant fucking pig joe prich or whatever his name is … and those fake christian fake republican fags who got their jobs sucking Karl Rove’s dick and call themselves “America First.” I am unwelcome and get my ass banned every time I stick my nose out the door on Twitter or Facebook … I might be nicer to AF if the thought had ever (even once) crossed their mind about EARNING peoples votes, viewership, or support before declaring their victory and inevitability of being the voice, candidates etc of conservatives otherwise if you dont give a fuck about something called the “consent of the governed” then you are just … basically … hillary clinton … with a smaller dick. They had the same blietzkrieg planned when they called themselves the “new right.”

America First is a product, you are a commodity, you are … I am sorry … no different than Destinys Child or N’Sync. Possibly, even less talented , if that were … humanly possible. I am conflicted about Torba himself, I admire him for inviting God into his office and his day and company and all that but he slams Jack Murphy for being a degenerate or whatever and then promotes … these other fags out the other side of his mouth and I don’t take kindly to ……. beating any fags , or anyone , upside the head with a bible and telling them theyre not worthy because they sat on a rubber dick , or fucked a catboy or whatever. Seriously, who hasnt?

But I’m calling out the hypocrisy of elevating some faggots and attacking others.

Either invite Jesus into it and reject them all, if that is what you really believe — or maybe shut up about Jesus and fags if its just a matter of YOU preferring some fags over other fags , and you have some fags you’re willing to get up there and publicly babble about being your brothers in Christ, Andrew.


“Lucky guessers.”

Future tripping:

Zero Point Energy is in Mexico and the United States.

Edison and his AC/Alternating Current are gone.

User interfaces are telepathic in nature they’re sort of like … a smart windshield that shows your speedometer and clock in the glass in front of you. You can operate a contextual menu by thinking about it or using a hand motion.

Apple’s augmented reality wins out over Facebook or their successors immersive reality.

Immersive reality that takes you out of your environment may even be illegal by then.

I don’t believe in visitations from the “future” because I don’t believe in “time.”

I believe in consciousness that can exist in 2D/3D/4D/5D, and something else that cannot interact with both simultaneously – there’s a break point somewhere on the continuum from 2D/3D/4D and 4D/5D, meaning that duality as in “for everything that exists there is something that it isnt” is ultimately proven wrong.

This understanding will be replaced with:

For everything that exists there is something that it isnt, “unless there isn’t.”

If you believe in the spiritual , if you believe in the immaterial it almost has to be so. Otherwise, what is it and how would the spiritual even interact with the material?

“BacK tO nOrMaL!!”

If you don’t understand the difference between:

  1. Trump’s jews owning Congress and the media and “Unelected Jared and Ivanka” running the White House
  2. The jews running the White House right now (I wonder, why did the jews put a Biden in their cabinet anyway? who knows)

Here it is:

This is a battle over whether the United States will be a vassal state for Netanyahu’s Israel or a vassal state for Bennett’ Israel.

And whether Israel itself will be a proxy for China or Russia’s oligarchy.

They are losing the clot shot war against the United States.

(The clot shot war against Bennett’s Israel continues. Get your fourth jab!)

Donald Trump is a puppet for Israel.

Joe Biden is a puppet for China.

Hillary “Grandma Douchebag” Clinton is a puppet for Russia.

You won’t get your “back to normal” until Bennett’s Israel is overthrown and/or Russia or China wins their bid to control the global digital dollar.

One of these is the Chinese Globohomo you all know and hate.

One of these is the Russian Globohomo you don’t know.

Soros hates the Chinese globohomo, but him and his pet ni**ers created this.

Cry me a fucking river.

This can only mean Soros and Hillary are the Russian globohomo.

Their bid to consolidate global power, behind the scenes, got fucked by brexit.

The crown has defacto control of Canada and 17 states in the United States through a FEMA contract issued to Britain’s SERCO. it expires next month and it is not being renewed. It is a secondary reason I called an end to the “pandemic” in February 2022 and why Prince Charles kept bitching that they were running out of time. It´s why they say the Queen/Monarch will “enter a new phase” in February.

All three letter agencies are a front for Interpol/crown control.

The CCP has defacto control over the two FEMA districts comprising of Guam, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona.

Barack and Zuckerburg have their beach resorts in Hawaii so theyre both CCP.

Trump and Nancy are over there in Florida which was to be the capitol of whatever’s left of the United States after their balkanization plan.

Which they never, ever, ever, ever, fucking consulted any of us about.

And which wasn’t (and still isnt!!) on the ballot or in Trump’s empty as ever campaign speeches or promises today.

Dangerous for our democracy, hey?

I am not on Team Israel and they are not our “greatest ally.”

They are our greatest enemy, regardless of who is “flying the drone” in Jerusalem.

I am not on Team China.

I am not on Team Russia.

Because I am not a seditionist or a traitor to my fucking country or my people.

Of the three aforementioned “enemies”, Russia is my favorite one to vacation in so I wish Mr. Putin the best of luck and success for his country and his people. I like my poisoned tea black with no sugar.

“Oh by the way, I’ve cracked the code-“

Joe Biden (or whoever pulls his puppet strings, gauging from what a fucking useless and barely sentient idiot he is) wrote the Traitriot Act (“patriot” act) in 1995 and had it ready for 16 years until their Reichstag burning on September 11, 2001 when he handed it to John Ashcroft. Suddenly this enormous act just appeared out of thin air “in response to 9/11” and was ready to go and be made into law.

Joe Biden spent half of his career fighting his colleagues to give China “most favored nation” status.

Who did 9/11? Biden, China, and their proxies and co-conspirators.

“The truth would put most people in an institution.”

You’re going to need to build a better mental institution, sirs.

CNN was in on it. CNN sucks China’s dicks because theyre threatened with exposure for what they did and/or “9/11 times 1,000” every other day.

Fuck you. The truth is an absolute defense against slander or defamation.

Who was scapegoated for it? Saddam, who said fuck you and your central bank.

The Taliban, who fight them and their machinations … often successfully … with nothing but old russian rifles, two goats, and rusty pickup trucks.

Now they’re growing marijuana in Afghanistan, everyone’s investing in it and the headlines are proclaiming weed does wonderful things like “helping with covid 19” jfc nothing ever changes if nothing ever changes marijuana is the new heroin.

I don’t know what goes on in the Arab world other than shitty driving and setting shit on fire, sounds fun to me. They are on whatever axis w/ Israel that Trump is on.

What is my background or experience, you ask? Have you ever seen or documented an online group of Narcotics Anonymous stage a fucking endless 15 year mutiny? The things theyre willing to do for an @ next to their name in a chat room?? LOL!!! Remember my snide remarks about wasting 1/4 of your life, for that great aspiration and ambition?

And at the end of the day, that would be all you ever had to say about your sorry mother fucking life? I laughed as I rooted your server, intercepted your conversations, and you thought you had one over on me infiltrating and subverting an infiltrator and subverter.


Nah, I was the mole. kek.

Stan thought he had a “spiritual” mandate apparently from God himself.

Wow, where have I heard that one before?

Imagine the things they´re willing to do to control the world or the currency!

When they think that their victory is their birthright and/or literally mandated by God himself?

Geopolitics are way less messy and maybe kill fewer people than the dumb fucks in NA and AA. Have I bitched to you lately about how that’s all part of Rockefeller’s learned helplessness paradigm and luciferian ass one world religion?If you’ve been preoccupied with burning my house down because I wouldn’t ” @ ” you or respect your “pronoun” , you are not welcome at my table.

I don’t give a fuck how you feel about this information. You can find out now, or you can find out later when it is too late for you to do anything about the outcome.

Yes I am fucking crazy. However, I am not stupid, thank you very much.

Update 17.01.22 pdf backup is sync’ed with content https://www.orange-papers.info/memorylane.pdf

buT iM jUsT cRaZy

Still feel good about censorship and getting me banned everywhere, fags?

Who’s been saying the same shit for over 2 years?










Dogbert is trapped in a box with sand flies like Fauci’s beagles, LOL

✅ @vaxinewaters

Oh no … oh no … oh no, no no no no.

June 2021:

November 2021:




I haven’t been out for NYE since Ft Lauderdale in 2017, and that was a depressing shitshow in God’s waiting room for gays.

Bless Betty White, who survived both world wars AND disco music.

I thought about texting tow daddy and seeing what he’s up to but my rebuilt engine ran for about 30 seconds and then died. I think they shorted out the fuel pump or fuel pump relay or the fuse to my ignition coil. I am fucked if it is my immobilizer because I don’t have a remote for the alarm.

Fuck it, guess this is “a sign” to stay home again this year.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

I’ve only ever known hard times.

I’m sober. The earth made another lap around the sun and I’m still here.

I haven’t heard this many gunshots at midnight since I lived in Oakland.

PDF of the site is sync’ed up as of this post: https://orange-papers.info/memorylane.pdf

pfft, amateur

I don’t clean up my old degen posting because:

  1. It’s not for you, it’s for someone who is dying today and doesn’t believe god himself can stop them.
  2. I’ll never get Jack Murphy’ed or blackmailed , kek
  3. I still have, will always have a fk’ed sense of humor

In fact I am extracting some old and missing entries.

“Amazing grace” was about a wretch who was saved. Not about a perfect shiny pretty person who didn’t need saving in the first place.

La Duena

My motor blew the crankshaft seal and La Duena said “don’t you bring this car back to my house until it stops pissing oil everywhere, gringo!”

The Gringo is very sorry and he has been on his hands and knees with a wire brush and some degreaser, which pleases La Duena.

Traveling Mailbox’s outbound document management sucks so bad, I was going to have to manually sort through 20 tracking numbers in 20 emails and check the zip codes manually to fill out affidavits even if they hadn’t stuck 13 other documents in the wood chipper. I need to chill out and watch PACER for a few days and see what shows up in the docket and what doesn’t so I don’t annoy the clerk any more than I’m already going to just on account of being a pro-se rookie.

I’m not pulling a Laura Loomer here, I got this.

I kind of wanted to rebuild the block anyway.

Just not necessarily !!!!!!!!!!!RIGHT F***ING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!, kek.

I have money, whatever, I take their monopoly money and invest it in the Mexican economy or .. well, now I’m using it to sue them.

I don’t have four arms or two of me though.


Travis, owner of travelingmailbox.com inappropriately injected himself into privileged attorney/client communications. Travis threw my court filings and letters to multiple US Attorneys and state Attorney Generals (including South Carolina, which are time sensitive communications regarding their oral arguments in the US Supreme Court on January 7th) away and deleted my account. He also destroyed two injunction requests addressed to the United States District Court of Arizona , pertinent to case numbers 2:21-cv-02190-mtl (Grodevant, et al v Biden, et al) and 2:21-cv-02149-jzb (Grodevant v Ducey, et al). They charged me almost $700 for fedex postage, destroyed my correspondence and refused to send it, and have not refunded it or clarified which items were sent to the courts and Attorney Generals, or which items were destroyed. History will not be kind to the people who stood in my way and IMO they need to be prosecuted for destroying/tampering with correspondence for the United States District Court. Here is a copy of my correspondence recommending they be held in contempt or prosecuted for 13 federal offenses. This is the petty ass digital equivalent of running a bunch of Trump yard signs over with your rainbow sticker and #RESIST plastered Kia Sportage, IMO.

I want to clarify that I am not an “anti vaxxer” in fact I was supportive of inactivated virus or adenovirus based covid19 vaccines as recently as May of 2021 and I regret the fuck out of the fact that anyone took my advice on that. Please indulge in some informed consent and do not put your voluntary participation or lack thereof on MY conscience. I explain why I changed my mind here: https://www.fadingstar.net/2021/05/17/every-day-a-new-plague-for-that-little-piece-of-bread/

It is the (alleged) criminal conduct , anticompetitive, and/or deceptive trade practices of US government bureaucrats and insiders I take exception to, as well as their attempts to coerce people into forfeiting their civil right to informed consent and voluntary participation that I am engaged in some litigation over. Fuck you if you have a problem with that. Do you even know what “fascism” is?

My personal opinion of mRNA stuff does not have as much currency or weight IMO as Stanford’s — they are the ones who said back in 2015 that it is dangerous or deleterious for that stuff to persist in your body for longer than 48 hours, and that studies done prior to 2015 had adverse reactions. I don’t care if you respect me or my opinions or not. For my own part, I choose to heed Stanford’s findings.

I suggest you also look up Dr Robert W Malone who had the original 9 patents on mRNA and has been banned from Twitter for shouting from the rooftops that HE thinks it is unsafe.

You’re probably smarter than me but if you think you’re smarter than Stanford or the guy who invented the shit , then godspeed to you, slampig.

This is the government your forefathers warned you about.

“Mister President, won’t you lend me a future?”

Sometimes it’s therapeutic to scream along with Linda Perry in the car :

“Oh my god, the bomb has just dropped- and everybody CLIMBED RIGHT ON TOP screaming , what a wonderful country-“

I have seen some of my content paraphrased by people I would have normally derisively referred to as brand builders . Decided I don’t care. If you waded through 100 topics and decided 99 were crazy bullshit but 1 was important enough to put out there then have at it. There is nothing more irritating than getting ignored by reporters who are chasing a hot story about a lady who is angry about her order at Burger King. Wake up. Wake others up. We’re good.

That is, unless the reason you’re doing that is because you are a politically correct twat, beholden to even more politically correct twats than you are. In which case I want even less to do with you, than you do with me.

Political correctness is a weapon of the oppressor , tool of the communists, ruiner of civilizations and societies , enemy of life, etc and I will claw at the fucking eyes of all persons and all things politically correct until the day I fucking die.

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