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There once was a war between the North and the North-


i am a terrible person


i have said terrible things

i do not mean to intrude on your scene or to try to fill kylons high heels

(i love you, i miss you so much)

i just decided for one day, to search for racial justice, as hard as i spent a day searching for dope

carry on.

Here’s the story about Abraham Lincoln: Andrew Johnson had him murdered so that he could convert the United States to a corporation, which he accomplished in his second term ending in 1875.

“Lincoln had to preserve the union-“

No, he did not. The union wasn’t preserved.

So perhaps your state’s articles of incorporation or its constitution declare that the us constitution is the supreme law of the land, but that is only true of your state and if you want me to elaborate any further you WILL have to pay me.

It is, however, a one-sided agreement that your federal government openly and blatantly walked away from , for its own part, a long time ago. I am rephrasing this to acknowledge that some courts and judges strongly disagree with this and rule to uphold a state or the US constitution, but you will then note that the Supreme Court rejects a lot of these appeals or overturns a lot of rulings now. Some Federal court districts laugh and wipe their asses with your flag and your constitution.

The states themselves are not parties to the treaties.

If corporations are people, and corporations are sovereign nations too, then why are people not sovereign nations? (this one is sarcasm. sorry, corporate fascism arrived in 1871, embodied by the unholy rockfeller trinity you defend so dearly. No, I am not an “anti semite,” I am literally a synarchist and an anti-fascist.)

Obama may have seen to it that Smith-Mundt was repealed, but this in NO way releases publishers or the media or the government itself for damages or civil suits under 18 USC 241 Conspiracy to Deny Rights or 42 USC 1985 Conspiracy to Interfere With Civil Rights, this unprecedented collusion between public and private sector entities is extremely problematic and endangers civil liberties.

I am of the opinion you can do some damage by identifying a right or a civil right specified in the Code of Federal Regulations and then bring suit and allege damages under 18 USC 241 Conspiracy to Deny Rights or 42 USC 1985 Conspiracy to Interfere With Civil Rights, “to wit: ______________ as provided by Title X , Part X , Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)” and from this day forward I strongly encourage you to stop waiting to be saved by a president or a politician or someone on fucking TV and take matters into your own hands w/r/t civil rights. If you have a strong case for a fascist public/private/corporate conspiracy, sue them.

Think big: Denial of access to public accomodations and public transportation.

The prerogative of one business to have a certain policy or deny access to a customer aside, when 100 or 1000 or 10000 or 100000 or 1000000 businesses engage in a conspiracy with that fucking cunt Lori Lightfoot , for example, to deny access to their establishment if you do not consooooooom a vaccine or install a commercialized third party smartphone app that aims to track you or “score” your social acceptability or “compliance” with corporate fascism, globohomo tyranny, giving up your constitutional and civil rights freely voluntarily and/or of your own accord etc — it is no longer a private matter or the prerogative of that business, it is a conspiracy to deny access to public accommodations, transportation, neccesities.

I would never advise you to not pursue your grievances or litigate them but I am telling you there is a reason your cases get laughed out of court unless the basis of your claim is in the CFR (their “bible”) or pertains to international law or treaties.

I refuse to be called a “troll” or vexatious or frivolous party when the Arizona State Senate is literally threatening to shoot or drone brown and black people for no other reason than having dark skin and daring to approach US territory. It is I , who seeks to establish, whether that legislator is a “troll” or a war criminal.

I don’t even know why you would prefer such a reception or “humanitarian assistance” from the United States. Maybe I have a different take, I am someone who is perfectly happy laying on a mat on the ground at Haven for Hope, so I am of the opinion that the displaced and/or needy are treated far better by Mexico.

I double dog DARE the “woke” “multicultural” “diverse” corporations, media, and/or NGOs and government entities who have been pandering to gays minorities and persons of color in their propaganda, to call out Wendy Rogers or provide any coverage whatsoever of what I am doing. I am an aggravated gay man who doesn’t give a god damn what anybody thinks and I am calling your bullshit.

The absolute state of “maga”

Oh does Israel need another billion dollars to terrorize brown people? Let me get my purse! “I’m a Republican but I am very ‘live and let live ‘ on fiscal issues!”
A lying witch and a wardrobe
I might not “vote for you because you’re a woman” but I might leave a soaking wet trail behind me like a snail all the way to the ballot box if you look like this dude

I spent a few months sleeping in my car, staying in hotels, and camping out in the slabs while I saved up enough money to put down on a house in Arizona.

I don’t know, I didn’t feel like a real “slabber” I guess.

I just … had a goal … I suppose.

I remember a boy in Mexicali who sneered at me and called me a “Jota” for this.

Another in Leon, who bragged that he was an escort who did so well for himself that he had his own house in Monterrey.

That’s depressing.

You did, what, to live in Nuevo Leon??

On purpose??!!??

I liked my house. But I never felt safe there.

Come to think of it, I don’t even remember the last time I felt safe.

As it starts coming back to me I quickly decide to go back to not remembering.

I am doing the same thing … again … this time I probably could put something down on a house but I would rather keep saving and scrimping for that.

I am okay. Probably better than I care to let on.

I smile inside when you look down on me and don’t take me for someone you don’t love, or maybe even don’t like, and you can just fucking use like some of the others.

If I ever were happy, if I did feel safe, if I did love again or have a career where I was purposeful and treated well – or have anything to show for my life again I would never breathe a word of it publicly because of who would come out of the shadows to destroy that or try to take that away from me next.

that ………. is the extent …… to which I have been fucked with and deprived. when I make public statements like “oh, jail? fine, just please do not ever send me back to that horrible fucking country or those horrible fucking people” —

I swear to god I am not even trying to be funny.

There might be a type of “refugee” in this world who shows up and demands a horse and a porsche and a farm and free groceries but I will tell you that , this person is not a mexican. A mexican will show up with the clothes on his back, a ziplock baggie with their identification (if he has any) and maybe a bottle of water if they are lucky. They will make something of their life, they will work hard and send money home and work towards having a better life someday.

And I go , well , my world could be upside down tomorrow but today I have a car . the radio and AC work today , i *almost* like my dorky little clown car as much as I liked the mazda .. i have clean clothes, I am fed, I have cigarettes and coffee and not a care in my world. i want for nothing.

Fuck you, Klaus Schwab. I already have nothing and I AM already happy, LOL.

“maga chuds” and right wingers are more or less happy with what they have , NOT interested in taking what YOU have , and just want to be left alone.

And then you have America. “Oh no. Self actualized people who don’t want to be slaves or live in debt, and are happy with a 20 year old car and 2 room concrete house. We will stop at NOTHING until they are as fucking miserable as we are!”

Maybe that is why I angry enough to sue Arizona. Nobody put me up to this. I am tired of prejudice and global aggression and .. just fuck off , I do not appreciate the threats to point weapons of war at me that I have paid for, and owe the IRS $10000 for. What the fuck do you need $10,000 for? So Israel can terrorize Palestinians and so Wendy can drone Haitians and Mexicans?

I furthermore believe this to be against multiple treaties the US is a party to.

Someone please tell all my useless elected representatives (including Bernie) that if they cannot accomplish one single useful thing in a 30 or 40 year career, fix this one thing: Property taxes are obstacles to personal freedom.

Fix that, and we will figure out the rest without congress and senate wagies.

I suppose I don’t mean to speak ill of HFASS.

I just go, “well.. this is what I came for … and this .. is what I left with.”

And when they read those cards out about everyones struggles and losses and grief and what have you, you look around and go “someone in this room is going through that, and they showered and put on some clothes and sat down with us and I can’t even tell from looking at you” and I am shook, that is all.

“When I stayed in to study on Saturday nights they were extremely kind to me because they thought I was so brave, working the way I did just to hide a broken heart.”

Sylvia Plath (The Bell Jar)

Things you can do for $804 that Wendy can’t do for $4 million

David, with a single stone, the great Goliath slew.

2:21-cv-02149-JZB , (Grodevant v. Ducey et al)

But when he fucked Uriah’s wife, he found he needed two:

2:21-cv-02190-MTL (Grodevant et al v. Biden et al)

I am in about $1200 for fees and postage so far. It’s paid for, its gone. But if anything magically shows up here I promise to file more cases and mail more things that make people angry.

Process servers alone are going to cost thousands of dollars.

Which, frankly, I am going to do any god damn way with my next check.

Now that I am not spending $2000 a month to keep up a house I slept 20 nights in , over the last entire year. Just because you “can afford” something doesnt mean its smart.

Whose World is it Anyway

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It was as if the whole world had come to a standstill –

Everyone was in the courtyard, frozen in place and waiting for a command.

I was sneaking around in the building, casing the place and watching.

What are they doing?

I began to call out the windows and ask “what is juneteenth?”

I yelled “remember juneteenth?”

I heard someone say “wait a minute, we are free.”

And they all started walking away and going on with their business.

The Truth about 9/11

September 11, 2001:

8:46 AM: The first safe and effective dose of Flight 11 crashes into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

9:03 AM: The second WHO approved “booster plane” is delivered to 2 WTC between floors 77 and 85.

Safety concerns are dismissed out of pocket by leading universities, scientists, researchers, medical doctors, and the media. They insist that nobody was killed or injured as a result of 9/11 , and that if anyone was, they probably had co-existing morbidities and they “would have died anyway.”

Donald Trump urges all of his supporters to hijack a plane and fly it into their house. “It doesn’t matter which airline,” Trump said. “Any plane will do. The first plane you’re able to hijack successfully is the best one. Believe me, it’s a miracle.”

A spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi released the following statement:

“Terrorist attacks prevent terrorism and save lives.”

Pressed for details about what exactly is even in the vaccines, Pelosi reportedly said “you have to inject it first, in order to see what’s in it.”

10:00 AM: A CNN reporter tells viewers to “imagine how much worse it could have been if neither tower had been hit by a plane” that morning.

5:20 PM: WTC 7 begins to collapse. NY Office of Emergency Management blames the structural failure on WTC 7’s facade not receiving any doses of life saving, WHO recommended American Airlines flights. According to the Washington Post and New York Times, it is common for 14 year old buildings to collapse for no apparent reason while performing everyday activities and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that WTC1 and WTC2 were fully vaccinated.

According to Dr. Socipathia Kevorkian of Seton Medical Center in Austin Texas, WTC7’s last words were “I wish a plane had flown into me.”

“I held WTC7’s hand and said ‘I am sorry, it’s too late. Besides that you’re a piece of shit and I am tired of people like you abusing the system. You are banned from all Seton properties for life.’ And then I had him arrested for trespassing right before he died.”

November 27, 2002: With a $15 million USD budget, the 9/11 Commission was set up to prepare a full and complete account of the September 11 attacks.

August 21, 2004: The Commission’s full report was released, citing “winter vagina” as the underlying cause for all three structural failures.

If you like what you’re reading , or just want to doxx me and throw offensive public statements in my face forever and ever and ever, you can follow me at or download this entire blog here:

┬┐Plans for Christmas?

Who sneaks in like a thief in the night?

Knows if you’ve been naughty or nice?

Santa Claus?


Saint Nicholas?

I know! Saint GLOW Nicholas!

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Establishing a pattern

I am not saying that I agree with Eustace Mullins 100% on everything but as I mentioned, he at least took a stab at answering the 1976 “swine flu” question. I f I had to say I was 90% wrong and 10% right about my own ideas then I would say Mullins is +/- 80% (or better) right.

I personally lean towards these illnesses originating on military bases as being a result of PFAS/PFOS, which military bases are *EXTREMELY* contaminated with , and would 100% line up with my statements about Wuhan being the most heavily contaminated place on earth that we are “aware of” and a source of the “vitamin e” from china that was allegedly responsible for “vape lung.”

Even if I am dead wrong and a 10/10 fucking nutter , that is fine, you people already say that about me; you always have and you always will.

However I attempted to explain a model where all of the pieces actually are consistent and do add up and work with each other.

But you, dear reader, deserve to evaluate both hypothesis and arguments.

Would the US government stab its heroes in the back for the Dupont family?


Or BAE or Textron or Haliburton or Blackwater or ITT or – Naaaaaaaah never.

Would they invent something like “gulf war syndrome” the way they invented “polymere fume fever” which should correctly be called PTFE pyrolisis poisoning?

Here we go, ever since then we get sick during solar minimums:

1918 is an open question right now.

1972+: “swine flu” (probably PFAS/PFOS poisoning)

1976-1977: media coverage , blamed on russia and china as swine flu

1980: aids, pcp pneumonia = byproduct of excessive hydrogen exhalation from free radical destruction

1990: more aids

1993: clinton changes the definition of aids and says mission accomplished

2000: was going to be The Big One they sold and crashed and looted everything (dot com bubble); but it wasnt, compare sunspot activity for reference

2012: more swine flu

2020: vape lung, basically the same as pcp pneumonia as aids in hiv negative people; byproduct of excessive hydrogen exhalation from free radical destruction

2020: coronavirus more bullshit. vaccine efforts in australia make volunteers test positive for ” HIV. “

2021: omnicron “leaped from aids patients to coronavirus” (?????) because, it was always a fucking lie and it is collapsing on itself, pancaking , and free falling faster than WTC 7, which was NOT hit by a plane, on 9/11/2001.

Dear friends: Do you still think I am crazy for calling this “airborne” “aids” at the end of 2019 going into 2020?

If you want to skip my diversion into ranting about Satan and his angels, then you can skip the next two posts.

I have good news for you though, if I am anywhere even close to right then things are going to start getting better around February of 2022.

“It will just magically go away” — Trump

“I will stop the virus!” — Biden

And mark my words, they will come for what precious few resources, money, or civil liberties and or bodily autonomy you have left during the next two solar minimums +/- 2030 and 2040.

I will no longer tolerate the JW Org’s gaslighting

James Paul Perez is a gangstalker, they sicced him (and others) on me for years. So instead of being horrified at the words I use to describe them, be surprised that I have not turned their headquarters into a smoking crater.

Here’s his blog. Normally these people gaslight you and deflect and lie and say youre just crazy but anyone who has read me since 1998 can attest that I didnt say a word publicly so I guess they felt comfortable literally live blogging it:

here’s the whole thing:

Unclear whether these people who also gangstalked/terrorized me have any affiliation with the Jehovahs Witnesses , they got me put on a DEA watch list for “drug trafficking” and I have the receipts for that too. I am about to sue them all jointly and let God sort them out:

He himself admits he is a jesuit faggot from Bethel.

Yes, the original post had a waifu girl with a swastika armband on and an “early life” dogwhistle. I have not been called out on this or had anyone demand I change it, I chose to do so myself.

Here is my letter to JW’s legal counsel:

He got me really worked up thinking that he was a “victim” or a “TI” himself, but you can read for himself where he is friends with the guy who pozzed me up, where he says he showed up at my house with a gun, etc.

This went on and on and on jurisdiction after jurisdiction — corrupt, the whole fucking lot of them, they know exactly what the fuck is going on here — refused to even so much as take a report, or implied “men can’t be stalked by men.”

When Dr. Socipathia Kevorkian from Seton Medical Center in Austin Texas tried to kill me, he always somehow seemed to be privy to my medical info or what they did to me.

(All my problems started, and I have had a black rain cloud over my head – social ostracism, defamation, threats, hacking, spying, discrimination in healthcare and other services .. why does Chandler Regional know what happened in Clearwater? … it all started when I answered a lawyer purporting to “help clergy sex abuse victims of Jehovahs Witnesses” in 2007 or 2008. They asked which congregation, who and what and never spoke to me again. They seem determined to ruin such peoples lives and drive them to suicide, overdose, death by malicious medical malpractice. I have been imprisoned on false charges I could go on all day, I have the receipts. Anyone want to take a stab at why a creepy jesuit faggot from Bethel knows about a private discussion between me and my then-boss Aaron in a closed door one on one meeting in his office at Cisco?)

(For the record, no, I do not fault or implicate Cisco. They loved me, they were like “this guy has some issues in his life we don’t understand but his work is phenomenal” – So I did that, ran the chatroom and dealt with their hacking and harassment and threats too – volunteered at Share in Culver City, drove for Uber/Lyft AND quietly did my research as well. I would consider it a problem that they were able to engage in apparent espionage of me and/or Aaron in their corporate offices but it’s in my rearview mirror at this point.)

(Nice enough guys at that office , always quick to welcome me back to “God’s country” but they kept asking me to move back to Texas and I was like fuck no — I will never trust a cop or a hospital in Austin except maybe St Davids North; and I am not going anywhere near James Perez, not for a million fucking dollars. When he moved to Chicago and blogged about how he wished I was there at the World Series with him – it was the night they won — I packed up and left for Seattle first thing the next morning)

(“Why did you have two heart attacks at 37?” gee idk , a little stressed out here. Better question, who the fuck is this geek and why is he blogging my private medical information? You getting an understanding of why I am not returning to the US?)

He would go on ex JW forums and claim that it was in fact, ME , harassing HIM.

This is the “cult” i mention growing up in, and the guy that the Seattle District Attorney said was the craziest mother fucker she had ever seen in her career.

Here you go, I have , as I said, a REAM of evidence of being gang stalked, harassed, terrorized, and threatened by real people with real names , whom the courts denied restraining orders against and the police refused to do anything about — including the City of Maricopa Arizona; which is also run by LDS Niggers and Good Old Boys. It is real and I have the receipts. If I am crazy, they made me so.

I gave him a chance to see before naming him and he came out swinging with more accusations and threats and informed me he had all the backups of his blog and could release them all again (to embarass me I guess) well guess what bitch, you did this to other gay men (as did George Zelichowski , and various other faggots from the edgewater gay mafia) who know your name and has the receipts too.

I said very politely I will not abide any further abuse or accusations.

He kept going.

I apologize for nothing I have ever said, or ever will say, about this religion that told me things over and over again at 7..8..9.. years old that if I touched my own penis I would be left dead on judgement day for the birds to eat my eyes, while everyone stepped over my body smiling , walking hand in hand in the “new system” , unconcerned with my deserved and well placed fate ; while the fucking ministerial servant helped himself to our adolescent penises and they, and apparently their angry ass god, thought that was okay.

I watched my mother change from a purposeful, well-dressed, well-mannered, happy go lucky lady who loved her congregation and service, to a hurt person who seethed to see that guy standing in the aisle with the microphone, knowing that other kid killed himself, knowing nobody ever did or would do anything about it.

I never saw her smiling in a crowd like that again and I never saw her in one of those nice dresses again.

I’ve got your crazy.

While I have your attention, Mayo Clinic has gulags and experimental torture programs. In Rochester MN at a minimum. I don’t believe in “qanon” but he asked what the Mayo Clinic is, let me just say this you won’t be laughing at how “schizo” I am when all that shit is approved and deployed for civilian use and they are doing it to you. You know the “laser” everyone complains about feeling like they are being cooked alive? Just wait for “Oh no, you have a fever. Off to camp you go.”

Muh AR-15? You’re going to drop it and be on the ground screaming.

I quit a gig at BAE Systems because I had a problem with helping a company whose primary purpose in life was to design things that kill brown people more efficiently. You are a fool if you think they won’t use it on you in the near future.

When they handed me the background check (kek, that is one interview I am not sitting down for), security clearance, NDA, and agreement between me and the United States Government – I nope’d out. I am a civillian investigator / infiltrator and I fucking despise all parties to said agreement.

I have said this a few times: I can hear certain ultrasound frequencies outside of the range of normal human hearing. Like the old motion sensors at walgreens, high voltage flybacks on CRTs, the aforementioned weapons pulsing at Mayo (sorry, they took away my shoelaces and frequency spectrum analyzer); and the 8-9/18-19khz they blasted my house in Maricopa with 24/7 and I complained to the city about.

Pay attention. I suggest you speak now while it is still legal to do so.

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